What causes elevated platelets? Know the common causes
Platelets are essential components in the body’s system, especially when it comes to the composition of blood. This is because they assist significantly in the clotting process in the case of an injury. Thrombocytes and thrombokinase also work with the anti-clotting agent for faster clotting. Elevated platelets, on the other hand, help majorly in forming blood clots at a very high speed even though it is a disorder on its own.
This is because it results in dizziness and body’s numbness. It can further lead to strokes to an individual and heart attacks due to the significant blood clots. Different situations and processes result in elevated platelets. Infections can sometimes cause this type of disorder as they interfere with the hormones in the body.
An example of these types of hormones is cytokinins. Anaemia can significantly result in elevated platelets since it comprises of lack of enough vitamins and iron in the body. It forces the body to become pale and unable to fight diseases as blood supply in the system is not enough to be taken to the tissues and also compete with other disorders.
Individuals diagnosed with cancer are at a higher risk of contracting this disorder due to the body’s tissues becoming weak and damaged. This damaging causes blood loss in massive amounts. When a lot of blood is lost, the bone marrow now becomes the only organ that can produce more blood cells. Since there is no blood to be transported by these cells that have already been created by the bone marrow, there results in elevated platelets. These and many others lead to high platelets

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