High Cholesterol Hazardous Side Affects You Should Be Aware Of
Cholesterol is essential for the human body’s normal functioning. Cholesterol is basically a wax-like substance current in nearly all fields of the human body.
It enables vitamin D, bile and hormones to be produced. At the same moment, if cholesterol is present in large quantities in the bloodstream, it can be very harmful.
Hereditary circumstances, high-fat diet, very little physical activity, consumption of alcohol, age and weight are some of the variables that lead to high cholesterol levels causing great harm to an individual’s health.
High cholesterol side effects
Atherosclerosis Due to chronic inflammation in the tissues increased, and unregulated cholesterol concentrations can lead to atherosclerosis. The plaque is generally accumulated due to calcium, fat and cholesterol that cause the arteries to narrow and harden, which eventually blocks the oxygen and blood flow.
Heart Attack: The formation of cholesterol in the arteries impedes the circulation of oxygen and blood to a person’s core. This puts a person at a very high danger of a heart attack. The plaque accumulation in the arteries decomposes and causes blood clots to prevent oxygen and blood circulation..
Angina: Angina has been one of the hazardous complications of elevated concentrations of cholesterol in the blood of the individual. Angina is induced by high cholesterol owing to the restricted blood flow to the brain in the arteries. The two important characteristics of angina are twitches and abdominal pain. Angina may also lead to cardiovascular illnesses.
Stroke: Blocking the arteries that subject to the brain due to elevated cholesterol may cause the mind to be obstructed by oxygen and blood. This means that the brain cells cannot get enough oxygen and blood to end up causing a stroke.
Erectile Problems in Men: Erectile dysfunction in males is also one of the high cholesterol complications that you need to be conscious of. Men with high blood cholesterol may be the victims of erectile dysfunction due to decreased oxygen and blood flow in the genital and penis region.

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