Alternative Treatments for Dental erosion
Dental erosion is caused by pH imbalance; when the substance is taken is much acidic and not balanced. The acidity causes the wearing and weakening of the outer covering of the tooth, which is referred to as the enamel. The erosion caused leads to the exposure of the underlying layers, which, when eroded results the tooth to take an unusual shape.
The lifestyle and consumptions, in particular, expose one to dental erosion. Among the practices that lead to the decay are; excessive intake of drinks that have high levels of phosphoric and citric acids, acidic fruit juices, xerostomia, high level of starch and sugar diet intake; Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, medicines with high acidity; genetically caused factors; and environmental problems.
Remedies to Dental Erosion Tooth Erosion Treatment
Alternatives Remedies for Dental Erosion
Some of the most reliable solutions for dental erosion are:
Bonding of tooth: Tooth bonding is the application of resin material that suits the tooth of the patient. This treatment is recommendable in milder infections. Upon request, the resin gets attached to the tooth, and later it is shaped and designed to fit in the mouth as the healthy tooth could have. The process is neither tedious nor time-consuming as it can be accomplished in one hour time
Dental crown: A dentist may recommend the dental crowning when the erosion is severe. This procedure involves coating the affected tooth with new material, which helps protect the affected area and also strengthen the affected tooth. Dental crown help in reinstating the normal functions of the tooth so that the patient can now perform any task that involves the teeth without painlessly
Removal of the affected tooth: In case the erosion has dramatically affected the tooth, the tooth can be removed and the restructured. It is considered the best treatment in severe infection. Dental filling, on-lays and in-lays can help boost the entire health of a tooth by strengthening the teeth.

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