Complications Associated with Spinal Cord Stimulator
Arousal of the spinal cord can be an efficient, noninvasive solution to other chronic pain management processes. But, Spinal Cord Stimulator treatment has side effects. Spinal cord treatment includes the use of low voltage stimuli to stimulate the spinal nerves to prevent discomfort. Spinal Cord Stimulator treatment primarily enables you to manage pain better so you can have reduced use of pain medication. To convey electrical current to your spinal cord, a small battery-powered generator is implanted in your body. This can trigger a feeling of tingling instead of any pain.
Complications associated with Spinal Cord Stimuli Side
As we all understand, any therapeutic procedure consists of both benefits and drawbacks. Similarly, there are some complications related to the stimulation of the spinal cord, these include:
The process may not apply to everyone. Studies have indicated that 50-60 per cent of individuals’ have remarkable relief from their pain after the arousal of the spinal cord. It is further stated that the aid has no complete assurance it observed that it only assures approximately 50 % of the pain. Attached to the use of the stimulator are some undesired effects.
Of the side effects of the spinal cord, the stimulator is that the origin of distress cannot be addressed; however, it is developed to interfere with the signals of pain sent to the brain. Recall that no underlying systemic condition can be corrected. Usually this operation involves placing an injection in the body. Since we all understand that any type of operation includes certain hazards, this operation can also lead to certain dangers and future problems connected with stimulation of the spinal cord and stimulation of the peripheral nerve field which include
• Allergic response to the implanted material in the body
• Excessive hemorrhaging
• Lowered innate immunity
• Occasionally extreme pain in the incision region
• Odd random nausea, fatigue and paralysis
• Battery failure or leakage increases the need for a surgical incision to substitute or replace the battery
• Infrequent spinal cord fluid seepage, which can lead to severe headaches.
• The stimulator can even trigger some unwanted modifications in the stimulation of the neurons over time due to the formation of nerve damage around the leads
• Due to the participation of the nerve root, unpleasant or unwanted stimulation of the chest or rib region can be experienced.
• Electrode migration may occur, which can even result in the loss or change of stimulation.
• Hyperpigmentation on the generator or electrode site

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