The Common signs and symptoms of Asperger Symptoms in Children
Asperger syndrome also known as AS is a developmental disorder that is characterized by impairment in communication and interaction in the social environment. These individual show repetitive movements and behaviors including some interest. Asperger is part of the broader category Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD.
It is referring to as high function ASD as its symptoms are less sewer then other categories. It is a set of developmental disabilities and symptoms vary among individuals. Poor eye contact, poor social interaction with very few emotions. They show repetitive movements and hypertensive extremities. And they follow the same routine and pattern even a slights change can trigger tantrums. Girls are less prone to boys developing Asperger.
The diagnosis of Asperger is difficult and challenging and thorough knowledge is important for diagnosis so that good treatment option and strategies can devise.

Signs and Symptoms in children
There are some common signs and symptoms of Asperger in specific areas which will be discussed in details.
The children suffering from Asperger have poor social skills or in other words the lack the skills to socialize. They have trouble in making associations and relationships. They lack the skills to understand emotions and no verbal cues of body language in social situations. They have issues in maintaining a social relationship like making friends or maintaining friendships because they have difficulty in socialization.
Children with Asperger syndrome have poor communication skills. They lack the insight of voice tone, pitch and accent with altering the speech according to social cues and environmental needs. They fail to understand the jokes and react badly along with little understanding of sarcasm.
Non-verbal communication
Children with Asperger syndrome display or show poor recognition with facial expression and body gesture. They avoid direct eye contact and try their best to avoid any form of communication with family member and friends.

Persistent and repetitive movement
The children have Asperger show repetitive movement and behavior. Like spinning objects, spoons, twisting things, arranging objects etc. they prefer set pattern and routine in life, in daily and other chores and resists badly in case of change.

Poor emotional skills

The children with Asperger syndrome lack emotional skills or they show the inappropriate way of emotional reactions. Like laughing and giggling all the time or persistent crying. They lack empathy like they seem insensitivity toward others due to self-engrossed nature and ego-centric attitude.

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