Everything About Kidney Blockage to Bladder

Many people are suffering from issues of the bladder which is linked with kidney problems directly. Most people ate unaware of sings of these very issues and risk associated with urinary tract troubles.
There are many factors and reasons that cause issues in the urinary tract and urinary bladder issues. Kidney stones or kidney failure are some common diseases that people are facing now a day. But very few know the reason behind any blockage or obstruction.

What is kidney blockage
Kidney blockage is a form of kidney stones that hindered the kidney function of blood purification. The blood clots and scarring in the urinary tract can cause unilateral obstructive uropathy.
The kidney takes toxin from the bloodstream to purifies the blood from toxin and waste material. The kidney acts as a blood filtration plant for the body. After extracting waste material and toxin from the blood kidney send them to the urinary tract. The urinary bladder excretes toxin through the urethra from the body.
In case of any blockage or obstruct due to any reason cause many health risks for individuals. The waste and toxin start flowing back and can combine with the bloodstream. When the toxin combines with blood and real health risks can emerge in the form of disease like hydronephrosis, prostatic cancer, and urinary tract infections.
The blockage and obstruction cause pain in kidney, sometimes urinary tract get an infection in the form of puss. In some cases, pain inflated to testis and vagina between ribs and hips every passing movement. If that condition stay unnoticed in the long run can lead to permanent kidney failure and other conditions.
Difficulty in passing urine accompany by blood in the urine. The patient has felt or urge to urinate all the time and after passing bladder did not feel empty. The patient feels pain during urination and sometimes faces urinary tract infections.
There is a number of causes and multiple factors causing kidney blockage that are enlisted below.

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• In children, structural abnormalities.
• Kidney stones or other related area blockages in younger adult.
• In older adult’s condition like hydronephrosis, prostatic cancer.
• Disorder of Never and bladder; problems that connect the urinary bladder,
• Tumor, cysts or related conditions,
• Rectal impaction,

Treatment available for kidney blockage
Kidney stones are considered as the main case of blockage. The small stones do not create blockage as big kidney stone do so. Small stones can be removed through medication but for bigger stones, surgery is recommended. The surgical treatment breaks down the stones into tiny pieces and excretes it though bladder from the body.
Though testing’s and scan are required to detect the nature and location of stones including other cause that results in kidney blockage. After that doctor devises a treatment plan accordingly.

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