What are the common signs and symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure?
The chronic renal failure us a condition which means lasting damage to the kidney which may get worse over time. This situation needs attention and treatment in case of delay risk the patient life.
When the patient glomerular filtration rate is below 30 ml per minute in test result for diagnosis. it shows that the person is suffering from chronic renal failure. In this case, the dangerous level of toxin, electrolytes and waste can build in the body.
If the damaged is sewer the kidney will stop working and lead to the end stage of kidney failure which is called end-stage renal disease (ESRD).
Signs and symptoms;
In the early stage, the patient might have a few symptoms. The chronic renal failure sings may not appear till the kidney functions are slightly impaired. Some signs and symptoms are;

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Changes in the Neurological System;
The patient will show symptoms like poor neurological functions such as impaired cognitive functions like change in thinking pattern, impaired judgmental level. Dizziness due to weakness and nausea and acute memory loss. Headache, numbness in feet and hands, disturbed sleep, altered mental state and restless legs are other symptoms for chronic renal failure. In some cases, the seizure is also reported.

Gastrointestinal Problems;
The patient has issues with Gastrointestinal problems such as Vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Weight loss and high fever can be followed by other symptoms. The patient may face problems with bones such as bone pain and fracture bone due to poor nutrient level in the body because of GI problems.

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Loss of RBC, Anemia;
Chronic renal failure also affects the blood circulation system. The patient Bleeding due to poor blood clotting and a poor immune system.
Due to renal failure kidney fails to produce enough erythropoietin which plays an important role in produce red cells. That causes low red blood count in the patient leads to anemia. the bleeding due to chronic conditions leads to anemic conditions.

Respiratory Problems;
Renal tract infection also affects the pulmonary system in the body. Which cause the shortness of breath to and start fluid accumulation in the lungs which is called pulmonary oedema. The fluid retention which leads to arms and legs result in high blood pressure.

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Heart Problems;
The patient with chronic renal failure show symptoms of cardiac problems. Chest pain, problems related to the blood vessels, inflammation in the sack like membrane around the heart. The chest pain some time leads to a stroke. The sudden rise of potassium level in the blood leads impair the heart function which can be life threating.

Skin problems;
Chronic renal failure leads to inflammation. Due to inflammation the patient feel itching, eye burning and face other skin problems like pale skin due to anime

Sexual dysfunction;
The patient has low libidinal energy. the patient lost his interest in sexual activities. Due to no sexual interest, the patient faces erectile dysfunction. The decrease in sex drive also leads to low fertility.

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