5 Effective Home Remedies Peptic Ulcers

The stomach ulcer also is known as gastric ulcer are open sores within the lining of the stomach. The stomach acid can cause peptic ulcer because the amount of acid can damage the lining.
It is painful and not easy to bear. The most common cause of the stomach ulcer is due to bacteria called H. Pylori. The overuse of the painkiller also contributes to the stomach lining.
The patient feels pain in the stomach, burning sensation, weight loss, bloating, nausea, burping, and burning sensation in the cheat. People avoid eating because of uneasiness and other related issues due to the ulcer.
The peptic ulcer can be treated with traditional antibodies but there are many types of research who emphasis on natural remedies also help in managing stomach ulcer.

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Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers;
The natural remedies show significant improvements in symptoms relief but take doctor advice about what food to add in the diet.
Honey is a simple form of natural sweetener but it has a lot of healing properties when it comes to stomach problems.
The honey contains 200 elements including polyphenols and enzyme called glucose oxidase. which produces hydrogen peroxide that helps in killing harmful bacteria causing an ulcer. And honey also inhibits bacteria H. Pylori.
Honey is ideal for the patient of low blood sugar level but diabetic patients need to consult a doctor before adding honey in the diet.

The researches show that flavonoids also known as bioflavonoids may help in providing additional treatment for peptic ulcer.
It is present naturally in fruits and vegetables. The food and vegetables enrich with flavonoids include red grapes, kale, broccoli, apples, green tea, beans, legumes and berries. These food defends the lining of the stomach and allowing the ulcer to heal.

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Whole grain, Fruit and vegetables;
A diet full of grains, veggies and fruits not only helps the body to fight with the ulcer but it improves overall health. Vitamin enriches diet help the body and stomach to fight and heal the peptic ulcer.
Food with antioxidants polyphenol helps the stomach to develop in the healing process. The food includes flaxseeds, dried rosemary, dark chocolate, black olives, oregano, and all barriers types.

Vitamin E;
The food rich with Vitamin E proves to be effective remedies for peptic ulcer. The food includes tofu, spinach and nuts will help the body to heal the peptic ulcer and create a defence against bacteria that cause an ulcer.
The probiotic is living healthy bacteria and yeast that provide important microorganism to the digestive tract. These bacteria help the digestive tract to digest food and take nutrients from the body and fight with external bacteria and other microorganisms. They also help the body to improve the immune system.
Probiotics are present in fermented foods include buttermilk, yoghurt, miso, kefir, and kimchi. There is some food supplement available as well for Probiotics. It fights with bacteria and increases the healing rate.

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