What is the procedure of Laser Surgery Kidney Stones?

The stones in the kidney are hard deposit in the form of crystal which is made up of minerals like calcium, glucose and some waste product of uric acid. In initial stages, it is small in size but with time more minerals accumulate and size increases.
Some kidney stones can bypass but its own like taking water and fluids but in some cases, it becomes painful and stuck in the urinary tract. the surgical procedure is required to remove it.

Laser Surgery for Kidney stones;
Laser surgery or laser lithotripsy is one of the effective methods to remove kidney stones.
It is a process that involves a laser to break down the stones into very small pieces. Which can be removed during the procedure or it will pass out through urination.
Sometimes this procedure is conducted without using anesthesia and in other medication is given for trans. In both cases, the procedure is not painful.
The procedure starts from placing a thin scope with a camera on its tip into the urethra. The doctor moves the scope to the urethra to the bladder and ureter, the tube that carries urine from kidney to bladder. If the stone location is not identified the doctor move the scope to the kidney.
Once the location is identified and the stones are larger the doctor will insert a small incision cut in the patient back. the doctor put a hollow tube in the kidney and use a laser to break the stone into tiny pieces. And the stone is removed through a hollow tube.
In some cases, the doctor place stent in the kidney, a small and flexible tube inside of one ureter. Which help the small pieces to pass through the patient body. The stent is removed after 2-3 weeks or until full recovery but the patient can go home the same day of surgery.
After the surgery, the patient feels pain and some blood in the urine for the next 24 hours. After that pain and discomfort go away. The doctor prescribes some pain killer and antibodies to avoid the infection. If the patient feel pain, have fever and chills then it might be an indication of infection and patient needs to consult the doctor for further treatment.
Drinking plenty of water and other liquid can help the kidney to purifies the blood and pass waste products in urine without any obstacle. When the kidney lacks plenty of fluid to dilute the waste and highly concentrated food nutrient it starts cumulating these wastes which cause kidney stones. Stay hydrated and good diet can help the urinary tract to function well in the longer run.

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