What Are the Common Causes of Urinary Tract Infection?
Urinary tract infection can affect many body parts including bladder, urethra and kidney. It is common among women and children. In children, diagnosis is difficult because they lack appropriate expression about symptoms.
Some symptoms include pain and burning sensation after peeing, pain in lower abdominal, frequent need to peeing and agitation and discomfort.
There are different causes of UTI depending on the origin of infection. But the main cause is entering bacteria from the anus to ureteral. The urinary tract is designed in a way that prevents any intervention or invasion from outside. Sometimes the body fails to fight these micro-organisms when bacteria take hold and start growing.
The most common causes are;
Infection of the bladder;
This infection is called cystitis which is caused by E-coli bacteria which is commonly formed in the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract. In some cases, other bacteria are also responsible.
One reason to Is sexual intercourse for women, and all women are at risk of developing cysts because of body anatomy. The short distance of urethra is very small and its opening is near to the bladder.
Infection of urethra;
Urethritis is an infection of the urethra which can occur when GI bacteria travel to the anus to the urethra because of women physiology. The Vagina and sexual transmission disorders like herpes, mycoplasma, gonorrhea can lead to urethritis.
Poor hygienic conditions;
Many people are suffering from infection because they do not take care of hygienic. The bacteria are present in air and environment it can come into contact in such places. Proper cleaning is required and avoids using a wipe for cleaning.
Catheters use;
People who cannot urinate at their own use Urinary catheters. It increased the risk of UTI for hospitalization, neurological patients people who have difficulty to urinate. They all are at higher risk.
Blockage and structural in the kidney;
Any blockage urinary tract abnormalities by birth can trap the urine in-between the urinary tract and urinary bladder that develop UTI conditions.
Immune system;
Poor or suppress the immune system in a patient with diabetic’s and other conditions are at greater risk of UTI. The reason is clear that body defensive guard is lower and it cannot fight with any infection and bacterial attack.

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