What Are the Causes of Kidney Infections in Women?
The kidney infection known as Pyelonephritis is a form of urinary tract infection which began with the urethra, the bladder and that travel to one or both the kidney.
It needs prompt medical attention if not treated on time can cause permeant damage to the kidney.

Kidney infection is typically a painful state happens when harmful bacteria enter into the kidney from the bladder. It is called pyelonephritis in medical terms. The other danger associated with delay treatment as the chance of bacterial infusion in the bloodstream to cause life threating condition. Female are more prone to develop these conditions.

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Main causes of kidney infection in women:
Kidney infection is caused due to bacterial travel from the bladder to the kidneys. The bacteria enter into the urethra, then bacteria which eventually travel to kidneys. There are many ways how bacteria achieve this infusion in the female.

Being female;
The female physiology is like such that they are more vulnerable to urinary tract infection including bladder infection. The female urethra is short which make it easier for bacteria to travel and attack to other parts of the urinary tract. The vagina and anus are closer that also increase the risk of infection travel.

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Women who develop an infection during pregnancy are at high risk of developing kidney infection. It also increases the chance to deliver low birth babies.

The sexual intercourse according to age-sex is susceptible to cause a kidney infection. Due to the short urethra, the infection travels faster to the bladder and kidney. Poor hygienic habits also cause such problems.

Kidney stones;
The kidney stones that are found in women struvite stones are formed in women who have urinary tract infection. That, later on, develop kidney infection.

Urinary tract blockage;
Anything that slow or hindered the normal flow of urine cause urinary tract infection. This blockage prevents the bladder to empty completely. Like a kidney stone, tumor and other conditions which develop unpleasant symptoms of kidney infection.
Unhygienic conditions.
Unhygienic conditions like no fleshing and cleaning after the toilet lead to growing bacteria in bathrooms. The use of wipe after toilet which remains bacteria also facilitate its travel.
Spinal cord injuries
Spinal cord injury leads to kidney infection in Women. The weak immune system is also responsible for kidney infections because the immune system loss power to kill and fight infection and bacteria.

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