Different types of Kidney Disease in Humans

The kidney is the body organ that purifies the blood from toxin and sends it to the urinary tract to balder and then out the body. In disturbance and malfunction of kidney organ and urinary tract can lead to kidney male function which has serious repercussions.
If the kidney fails to filter blood the toxin will spread in the body as the blood circulates all over the body. And cause damage to the kidney and form acute or chronic disease.
Blood in urine, edema, fatigues, dark urine, anemia, insomnia, hypertension and nausea are some common symptoms people show in kidney failure or disease.
The acute kidney disease can recover through treatment process quickly. Chronic kidney aliments take time and different treatments but still they are can fully recover.
Types of Kidney Disease
There are a different cause of kidney disease and chronic disease is a slow progression toward kidney failure. The treatment depends on the type of malfunction which is enlisted below.
Kidney Stones;
A kidney stone is a common disease that occurs due to the accumulation of any substance in the kidney or in the urinary tract that hinders the normal function or urinary tract. The accumulation is some time calcium and in other cases, glucose forms a massive hard stone-like structure. In medical terminology, kidney stones are called Nephrolithiasis. Pain in the kidney and blood in the urine are some signs of kidney stones. Other symptoms of kidney stone are decrease amount of urine once the stone formation progress. Dehydration causes kidney stones in some cases.
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
Polycystic Kidney Disease is a progressive genetic disease. The kidney has massive abnormal cell growth that are non-cancerous cysts inside the kidney. It contains fluid in these sacs and with time can grow and accumulate more fluid and space in the kidney. This condition can lead to kidney failure in later as it also changes the shape of the kidney and impairs kidney function eventually.

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Diabetic Kidney Disease
Diabetic kidney disease is also called diabetic Nephropathy. These damages occur due to diabetes as high blood glucose damages the kidney to blood effectively. The damaged portion or start leaking the protein in the urine. It is the leading cause of chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease.

IgA Neuropathy
It is also known as Berger’s Disease; it occurs when the antibodies called Immunoglobulin IgA shape in the kidney. It results in inflammation that leads to many difficulties like hampering kidney normal functions and the kidney abilities to filter blood disturb too.

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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
It is a type of glomerulus disease that features scarring in the kidney. The scarring sclerosis happens to the smaller portion of glomera’s kidney filters. And only a few numbers of filters are damaged initially. It one of the causes of kidney failure in children and adult can cause permanent failure in some cases.

Alport Syndrome
It is another genetic condition that affects kidney, eyes and hearing. It is the progressive loss of kidney functions develop over time. It involves the basement membrane of the kidney that damages tinny blood vessels of the kidney in glamorous filtration unit. The individual has blood in urine among other sensory deficits in eyes and hearing.

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