Different Therapeutic method of for Constipation you can choose,

When the Instinet absorbed the liquid from the food due to dehydration or other condition leave stool hard which is difficult to pass out. This condition is called constipation and it creates many complications for the individual in the long run.
Some symptoms of constipation include;
• Pain in the lower abdominal area
• A hard and small stool
• In Bowl movement, feels straining
• Anal bleeding
• Feel incomplete evocation even after passing stool and urge to go again even you pass stool
• Physiological obsession or fear with bowel movement
• 3 or fewer stools per week
• Sudden weight loss or weight gain
When the colon is passing the slow material in the large and small intestine with Poor bowel habits. Other conditions that may cause constipation are Low fibre diet, hormonal problems, misuse of laxatives.
Before treatment, it is important to know the difference between acute and chronic constipation as treatment methods are device after that. Also, evaluate the cause is very important to work on.
Food that can prevent constipation;
There is some food that sooth the symptoms of constipation like eating flax seeds, beans, kiwi, berries, pears, apples, plum and raw fresh vegetables.

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Emollient Laxatives;
These Laxatives are also known as a stool softener. These medicines contain a compound docusate which is a wetting agent that improves the colon ability to penetrate its water in the bowl. When the water increase in softener it helps out a stool to pass easily from the body with creating any discomfort. But this remedy is not affecting in the long run because dose needs to be increased after 2-3 week for effectiveness.
Lubricant Laxatives;
These Laxatives contain minerals oil, plain oil or oil mix with water. The oil function is to stay in the intestine that coats the particle of the stool. which can make it moist and prevent the Instinet to suck the liquid from the material. Again it is a short term treatment in long run mineral oil can cause issues like it absorbed vitamins of fat suable nature. It can create vitamin deficiency in the body and during pregnancy, these vitamins are important to transfer to the fetus.

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Hyperosmolar laxative
These laxative are indigestible and insoluble that retain in the colon and don’t absorb water from waste material in the colon. That soft the stool and relief in constipation symptoms.
Sometime these laxatives may have digested by colon bacteria and turn them into gas which results in discomfort and abdominal bloating. Lesser the dose will help this condition or with time the gas went off.

Over the counter laxative
Stimulant laxative
These Laxatives propel the muscle of colon and large intestine to content more rapidly. It helps the colon to have more amount of water to moist the stool to pass easily and freely without damaging and discomfort. Castor oil, seen and aloe are some common forms of stimulant Laxatives.
Different types of enemas stimulate the colon to contract and eliminate the toxin and waste out of the body. Tape water enema, saline water enema and others have different properties and benefits. There are some mineral oil enemas that lubricate the colon to help it in proper functioning. But it is recommended for occasional use, not regular use.

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