How to naturally treat Acid Reflux at home
Acid reflux is a condition in which stomach acid or bile jump back to the food pipe esophagus to irritated its wall. Sometimes this condition causes sewer pain in the esophagus. If this condition left untreated for long term, then it can cause permanent damages like ulcer and stomach cancer.
Heartburn, chest pain are few common symptoms but it gets worse with the passage of time cause irreversible conditions.
The medication is required to treat the condition in many cases but some prefer natural remedies with food and using some herbs to soothe the stomach. There are many effective homes remedies for treating acid reflux for relief.
Home remedies to treat acid refluxes
Ginger tea;
Ginger root possesses marvelous properties in relieving acid reflux and other stomach conditions. Ginger tea improves blood circulation, improve the immune system and fight heart disease. A few thin slices of ginger in hot boiling water with honey and half lemon squeezed in is a perfect combo to treat different stomach conditions including acid refluxes.
Apple Cider Vinegar;
Apple cider vinegar combine with water provides instant relief in acid reflux. A glass of Warm water with few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar treat heartburn. This natural remedy possess healing properties.
Baking soda;
Baking soda is known for balancing the ph. of the body. In acid reflux when the acid rising to esophagus the baking soda will prevent the acid to damage the lining.
Chewing gum produces saliva that dilutes the acid in the stomach and clear acid from the unnecessary area. It is proven to reduce the symptoms with relief.
Mustered is alkaline food that helps the body to relief in acidic conditions. The mineral and trace amount of vinegar sooth heartburn onset symptoms. Its consumption balances the ph. of the stomach like baking soda.
Avoid spicy food
When hot species are consuming the stomach feel burning sensation like tongue experience once you eat spicy food. The burning sensation cause acid reflux in the stomach results in pain and discomfort.
Aloe juice
Aloe Vera is associated with soothing sensation while heartburn. Drinking a glass of aloe juice can soothe your stomach and clam esophagus. It also helps the body to avoid irritation and reduce the chance of inflammation.
Chemolina tea
The chemolina tea also balances stomach acid level during acid reflux. It also helps the stomach to prevent irritation and provide relief for sleep during night time before bed.
Consume fruits
Eating fruits like banana and apple keep acid reflux at bay. The fiber and natural anti-acid properties of these fruits prevent the onset of acid reflux.

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