Effective Methods for Hemorrhoid Treatment in Pregnancy

Hemorrhoid is vicious veins of the rectum that are painful sometimes. While pregnancy the uterus gets bigger and it exerts pressure on veins of rectum and anus results in this condition. It will have gone after baby birth and there is a chance more if someone developed it in an earlier pregnancy.
People are reluctant to talk about it but more than 50 % of women complain about this issue during third tri masters of pregnancy.
When the fetus grows inside the womb of mother the utters get bigger with time. These conditions exert pressure against pelvic. The veins due to pressure swells and form structure like grasp. Due to blood flow toward pelvic exert some pressure to walls of veins which can be painful and itchy at time.
Constipation can worst this situation in pregnant women. This need to be treated on time if the condition is not bearable for pregnant women.
How to treat Hemorrhoid Treatment While Pregnancy?
Warm water;
Fill the tube with warm water and soak the affected area in the warm water for some time, make sure the tub is big enough to avoid any discomfort. Avoid putting soap or bubble in the water.
Over the counter medication;
Pregnant women can apply hazel medication pads to the infected area. Ask the doctor to recommend medication to apply externally to counter the itching and pain.
Siting precautions
Pregnant women should avoid sitting in one posture for a longer period of time. Sitting exert pressure on anus and rectum. In case of any discomfort change posture, lay back or stand. Use Hemorrhoid pillows to sit on or use a ring doughnut pillow.
Physical Exercise

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Pregnant women should practice exercise to improve blood circulation. Avoid the same position of sitting and standing for longer it stops blood circulation. Walking on a regular basis also help and improve blood circulation along with improving digestion. It helps in easing the constipation symptoms.

Deal Constipation;
Constipation during pregnancy contributes to Hemorrhoid which is alarming. The prevention is necessary to avoid the long term side effects of Hemorrhoid on pregnant women.
Proper Diet plan;
An adequate amount of fibre is required in the diet on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables also provide relief in constipation. Add plenty of fresh fruit juices, smoothies and water in the diet.

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Non-surgical treatment;
Pregnant women can use stool softener in case of constipation. There is no doubt that constipation exerts more pressure in anus and rectum like during passing stool women feel more pain and itching. Placing baking soda can reduce itching in an infected area.
Sleeping position;

Sleeping on any side rather straight on the back can also reduce pressure on the pelvic area in pressure in haemorrhoids. Pregnant women can use the pillow as well to comfort them under legs and back.

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In some cases, when medication and other intervention do not help full and the station is worst and bleeding in uncontrollable then the doctor suggest the surgery. Surgery is also recommended when haemorrhoids develop externally and internally. The recovery period takes time after surgery.

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