The Ureteral Stent Surgery for Kidney stone;

The kidney stones whether acute or chronic is a painful situation for the patient and if these conditions are left untreated can lead to permanent damage like kidney failure.
the procedure like a stent is effective in treating kidney stones. It helps the urinary system to restore kidney normal and usual functions.
Ureteral Stent
The ureteral stents are used to treat the condition and causes that prevent the flow of urine kidney to the bladder. These stunts are small tubes inserted into the uterus for treating the kidney stones.
The ureter are tubes joining kidney with ureter to transport the urine. The stent is a small hollow tube placed into the uterus and it has a small curve to fix in the kidney. Some stent has a string that is visible outside the body.
The function of this small 10 inches’ flexible tube is to transport urine and toxin from the kidney to the bladder in case the transportation is blocked due to conditions like kidney stones. There are some other reasons like infection, tumor and narrowing of the tube due to any reasons.
People can function normally routine activities once the stent is fixed in the body. Some time individual can feel discomfort but it does not hammer anyone to do any physical activities.
Precaution after surgery;
Some precaution is required like patient need to avoid lifting anything and reaching hands above head. It causes bleeding and results in irritation in the bladder.
How long stunt stay in the body?
The stent tube time in your body depends upon the reason and condition that cause blockage in urinary tract functions. The doctor can suggest how long it can remain in the body.
How stunt can remove?
The stunt can be removed in the office without any special instruments. Any nurse or doctor can remove it but the stent without visible strings needs some minor procedure performed by the related professionals.

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There are some symptoms appears after a procedure like;
• Blood in urine,
• The urgency of attending the bathroom
• Burning sensation with urine,
• Increase in frequency of attending restroom than usual,
• Uterus and bladder spasm.

There are few alarming symptoms that are alarming and patient needs to visit doctors urgently to avoid further damage;

• Blood cloth and tick tissues in urine,
• Server pain and patient don’t get relief after taking medication
• Frequent dark red urine even patient take more fluid or water
• High fever persistently

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