The Kidney Cyst and it causes

The kidney cysts are around a sack of fluid pouches form in the kidney. Kidney cysts are associated with serious kidney disease in some cases if left treated on time. Kidney cysts are non-cancerous deposition of the cell. They are located on one kidney some time both kidneys develop multiple cysts.
In some cases, these cysts start bleeding and kidney loss blood create an alarming state. And it harms kidney in many ways.

Simple and minor cysts do not hinder the kidney function that does not show symptoms. Whereas few cysts are formed in the kidney due to polycystic cysts. If it grows large enough the symptoms include;
• The patient feels a dull pain in lower back and sides
• Upper abdominal pain
• Fever

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There is no clear cause of kidney cysts but some researches suggest that the cysts form when the kidney weaken and form a sack or pouch. The pouch starts filling with fluid detach and form kidney cysts.
Another explanation is kidney have small tubes to collect urine, cysts start to grow once these tubes are blocked it swell up and filled with liquid.

Ages person get older the simpler cysts in kidney increase and leads to many complications. The complication includes;
• Burst cysts,
• Infection in cysts,
• Hypertension,
• Urine blockage,

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Plugged Ducts
Some cysts begin with the plugged duct or another natural outlet of secretion cause kidney cysts. The blockage of ducts causes serious health problem in any body parts and systems. It causes permeant body collapse.

Some kidney cysts form tumours which are non-cancerous in nature. These tumours are malignant nature like dermid and kerato cysts.

Urinary Tract Infection;
Some form of UTI can cause kidney cysts. Some injuries, accidents and kidney stones can also form kidney cysts.

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The kidney cysts are diagnosis through imaging tests like CT scan and MRI. Another test may be including a kidney function test. Treatment may not be necessary for simple cysts as it goes away with its own. But treatment is required when it showing signs and symptoms.

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