Commonly Found Bladder Infections in Women

When bacteria enter into the ureteral the tube that takes the urine out of the body to the bladder. These bacteria cause a bladder infection. Bladder infection also occurs after sexual intercourse in a few women.
It Is known as urinary tract infection including kidney, bladder, urethra, ureter and bladder. It is known as Cystitis. This infection affects the whole urinary system and organ as well.
Women are more prone to develop bladder infection as compare to men population. The bacteria also travel from anus to urethra. Bladder infection leads to a certain serious condition like tumour or prostate cysts.
In women, uncomplicated infection occurs whereas when the infection is followed by other conditions like a urinary stent, diabetes, pregnancy and some other causes.

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Bladder infections;
Here are the most commonly found bladder infections in women:

It is inflammation of the urethra, the women experience pain during urination. It is commonly due to bacterial infection. The urethra is a tube that passes urine from the bladder to outside the body. That tube becomes flamed and cause irritation. Discharge, burning sensation, urine urgency, itching and blood in the urine are some common symptoms.

Cystitis is inflammation of bladder wall. It not a serious condition but the uncomforting can lead to serious condition if left untreated. Mild Cystitis can resolve in a few days but prolong symptoms are serious to look into. Dark cloudy urine, burning sensation, blood traces in urine and pain above the pubic bone.

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Pyelonephritis is inflammation of kidney due to bacterial infection. High fever and flank tenderness are some common symptoms. Nausea, burning sensation, frequent urination, puss in the kidney are few other symptoms. It begins when infection travel from the bladder to urethra and travel to one or both kidneys. It causes scarring of the kidneys.

Treatment includes pain killer, an adequate amount of water and avoids sex for some period. it can provide relief to some extent but treatment is required in the longer run.

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