The Cerebral Palsy Symptoms in Infants and toddler

Cerebral palsy is a condition that the baby acquired during birth when the brain fails to get enough oxygen and it cause brain damage. It impairs muscular coordination in body and ability to move accordingly. Cerebral palsy appears in the first few months of life and can be diagnosed until 2 years.
Some children acquired cerebral palsy by birth while others suffer due to post-delivery injuries gradually. The fails to achieve developmental mild stone according to age-appropriate activities. Delay in crawling, sitting, walk and even speech is also delay and hampered.
The Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy in Infants
The symptoms are different in every child or infant depending upon the severity of the problems. But few symptoms are common and noticeable by the layman. Not all sings are visible at birth but with time when baby develop sings for CP starts.
Noticeable signs in Babies;
• Poor or low muscular tone,
• When picking up feel floppy
• Unable to support body parts and movement
• Muscular stiffness
• No or poor muscle control
• Slow movement and delay response time
Developmental delays;
The child is slow to reach the developmental milestones such as moving body parts, holding neck and rolling head and body. A problem in walking, sitting and crawling at the appropriate time. The infant also has speech and language problems.
Muscle tone;
The baby has an abnormal or poor muscle tone. The body parts like arms, hand, legs and feet feel floppy and stiff.
Body posture
The baby has abnormal posture, the child will use one side of the body to reach thing and move instead of using the whole body in coordination. The crawling, sitting and walking seems different from other children.
Poor coordination;
The child has poor eye-hand coordination with poorly intact movements while responding to any request.
Swallowing and feeding difficulties;
The baby has poor muscle tone due to which he is unable to use his mouth properly. That is why he cannot chew food and swallow hard food items, his sucking and chewing reflex are poor. These baby also droll and open their mouth all the time.

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The Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy in Children or Toddlers

The brain injury that children or toddlers suffer don’t progress. But the Children experience difficulties with physical and social development depending upon the severity of the disease. The symptoms include:

• The child is unable to walk by twelve to eighteen months of age
• He is Unable to speak simple words and form a sentence by twenty-four months of age.
• The child cannot join his hands together.
• He is unable to touch mouth or other body parts due to low muscles tone.
• The child cannot crawl and hold his back while sitting
• The child need support to stand and cannot walk without assistance.

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