What are the various types of Brain Strokes?
When the brain fails to get enough blood supply due to blood clots in nerve it leads to a lack of oxygen that the brain requires for functioning. This condition is referring as stock and there is a different type of stroke depending upon the function they are disrupting.
The brain functions are disrupted where the stock is located. There are different types of stroke and their symptomatic presentation and treatment vary. Stroke is a medical emergency that hampers blood supply to brain tissues that cause serious symptoms, neurological deficit, disabilities and even death in some cases. The damaged tissues die and form a necrotic substance which eventually dissolves in brain fluid.

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Types of strokes in Brain
There are three main types of stroke in the brain, Ischemic stroke, Hemorrhagic stroke, Transient Ischemic stroke.
Transient Ischemic stroke
Transient Ischemic stroke is also called Ischemic stroke attack because of warning signs as a small or minor stroke attack. It can be anything that blocks blood and oxygen supply to the brain cause this. The blockage in arteries due to the blood clot and Transient Ischemic stroke attack symptoms last for a short period of time.

Ischemic Stroke
An Ischemic stroke hampers the blood supply to the brain due to fatty tissues development in the inner lining of the blood vessels. This blockage black blood supply to the brain and in few cases blood clot travels from another part of the body to the brain like in embolic type.
Ischemic stroke is further divided into two types depending on the cloth formation area. When blood clots form in the arteries that supply blood to the brain called a thrombotic stroke. In the second type of stroke embolic stroke, clots or plaque travels through the bloodstream to the artery of the brain and create a blockage in the blood oxygen barrier.
Without treating this clot or massive tissue blockage would not go away. Treatment is requiring once symptoms appear to avoid further damage to the brain.
Hemorrhagic Stroke;
When the blood vessels or tissue rupture in the brain and starts spilling blood in surrounding then this condition is called Hemorrhagic Stroke. It starts damaging brain cells due to leakage of blood.
There are two types of Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aneurysm and arteriovenous. The Aneurysm is characterized by any weak area in blood vessels that break open and balloon outward that causes leakage of blood. When the brain form abnormal blood vessels and it is rupture, it is called arteriovenous malformation. This cause high blood pressure and cause swelling due to in increases pressure in the skull. This pressure and swelling damage and weaken the brain tissues and cells.

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