Blood in Urine and Painful urination in Man; causes and treatment

The blood in the urine is a condition called Hematuria and this is a very common Male population. It is a symptom of many problems in male including Urinary tract infection and kidney and bladder stones.
Other reasons might be high-intensity exercises, enlarged prostate, kidney injury and some form of cancer like prostate or bladder cancer.
In some cases, medication like a blood thinner, anti-inflammatory steroids and chemotherapy medication also cause a condition like Hematuria in Male population.
A screening test is necessary to rule out the cause of blood in urine before going for treatment.

The treatment depends on the conditions which are causing Hematuria. The treatment involves therapeutic intervention like antibiotic medications and surgery in case of urinary tract stones.

The doctor prescribes the medication if the underlying cause of the blood in urine is due to urinary tract infection. If the patient experience pain anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribing along with other preventive measures. Some home remedies can also help to in relieving pain like staying hydrated and use of some herbs.
If the patient experience pain due to stone in the bladder which is very common in man, the doctor will prescribe the surgery. Sometimes the stone is smaller in size and it can dilute by taking some remedies. in case it is larger and causing pain and then the final option will be surgery is the best.
Depending upon the location the surgeon uses the operative method to remove the stone. The patient will experience the blood in the urine for 2-3 days but after that, the condition will be stable if not contact your doctor. If the patient experience hematuria, then it might be due to infection after surgery.

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Sound wave Therapy;
If the pain is unbearable and the patient lost a lot of blood in urine due to kidney or urinary tract stones. The doctors recommend extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) which depend on the location and size of the stone.
ESWL produce sound waves that break down the stone into small pieces. The tinny stones will pass in urine which may cause little pain. The procedure may cause blood in the urine for a few days.

The prevention of Hematuria includes the prevention from the condition which leads to painful urination and displays of blood in the urine.
Some home remedies include;
• Change in lifestyle and stay hydrated. Taking plenty of water help the urinary tract of dilute the concentrated urine which leads to burning sensation and pain during urination.
• Add citrus fruits that help the body to dilute the stone, fight with urinary tract infections and reduce the possibility of a painful urination.
• Take diet with low salt as too much salt in the body start water retention and kidney needs extra effort to purifies the blood and extract the toxin. Concentrate urine is difficult to pass by bladder which causes pain and bleeding in some cases.
Blood in the urine does not mean that the patient is suffering from bladder cancer. The reason may be anything but early assessment plays an important role in preventing chronic conditions.

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