Major Symptoms of Kidney Disease in women;

The kidney is a vital organ who function to purifies the blood by absorbing the toxin and waste material and send them to balder to pass away.
This mechanism involves kidney and urinary tract, and any kind of blockage or infection can lead to serious disease like kidney stones, urinary tract infection. In sewer cases when the urinary tract infections or stones are not treated on time can lead to chronic conditions such as kidney failure.
There is a different test to detect the conditions like a blood test, urine test and scans like CT scans and MRI. Once the condition is diagnosed doctor device a treatment plan accordingly which may involve medication, surgery or transplant in cases of chronic kidney disease.

The Cause of Kidney Disease in women;
Any conditions that slow the blood flow in the kidney, any direct damaged to kidney or some issues in kidney drainage system blockage lead to kidney disease in women.
Some other causes are Diabetes and high blood pressure. Immune system diseases, which include lupus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, may contribute to acute and chronic kidney diseases.

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Major Symptoms of Kidney disease;
There are different signs and symptoms that can indicate kidney dysfunction if proper care and attention are provided one can prevent the chances of chronic conditions like kidney failure. The symptom in women are;

Brian Dysfunction;
The women may feel more and fatigue with low energy level. She may have trouble in paying concentration and unwanted mental problems like the state of confusion. The women also feel dizziness follow by loss of memory and poor sleep habits.

Foamy Urine;

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The urine is foamy and bubbly which requires several flashes to go away. It indicates protein in the urine of the women. the foam looks like foam while cooking eggs. The women need to go to the restroom again and again the frequency increase in the night time. Some women experience a blood clot in urine which also indicates kidney problems.

The women experience puffiness around the eyes which may be due to a high level of protein in the urine. The protein in the urine is the first signs of kidney disease. When the kidney filter is damaged it leaks protein into the urine instead of keeping it part of the body.
If the feet and ankle of the women are swollen among other symptoms she needs to visit the doctor as soon as possible. Decrees kidney function leads to salt like sodium coloured retention in the body. Which cause swelling in ankle and feet.
Poor appetite;
The buildup of toxin in the bloodstream cause symptoms like low appetite which in return cause digestive tract problems. Weight loss is another symptom due to poor food intake. Nausea, vomiting, followed by muscular cramps and fatigue also indicated problems related to kidney normal function.

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Skin problems;
The excesses amount of toxin in the bloodstream, salt retention and high amount of protein in urine instead of blood cause skin problems. Another reason is inflammation due to kidney malfunction that results in itching, and dry skin. The body fails to make red blood cells and poor bone health because they are not getting enough calcium. These problems lead to skin, bones and other problems.

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