5 Simple Tips for Preventing Infectious Diseases
Infectious disease is the leading causes of many health problems and deaths around the world. The infection from pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites enters the body from the environment and multiplies to hinder the normal function in the human body.
The people with weak immune conditions as a result of some major problems like inflammation, kidney disease, digestive tracts disease and cardiac problems are more prone to attack and develop infections.
By following some basic principle can help anyone to prevent the attack of pathogens and fight back in case of an encounter.
Tips to Prevent from Infectious;
The pathogen enters the body through the opening like eyes, nose, ear, mouth, anus and genital passage. It also transfers through animal bites, bug bites on the skin. Some preventive measures are;

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Good Hygiene;
Good hygiene is the primary and basic way to prevent all type of infections. healthy hygienic habits are the basic rule of preventing infection before it enters the body. These habits are;
• Hand washing on a regular basis
• Cover mouth while coughing and yawing
• Avoid picking scare
• Don’t shear eating and drinking utensils
• Don’t use other used tissues, napkins and wipe
• Don’t use other makeup, nail filer, nail cutter and comb
• Wash the cut or scare with cleansing liquid like saline

Food safety techniques;
Food is the main source of microbe transfer; all are not contagious but some create serious health issues. A serious condition such as inflammation, GI tract problems and colon disease. The food-borne infection can be prevented by following some basic rules such as;
• Wash meat, fish, fruits and vegetable properly before cooking and serving.
• Wash knives, cutting boards and cutting area as well
• Wash hands before eating and serving food
• Separate raw and other food items in refrigerate
• Cover fish and meat in the wrapper
• Cook food on the proper heat
• Deforest frozen food in microwave or fridge only

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Take Vaccination;
Immunization is very important because it provides a strong defensive system to the body to fight with external pathogen and microbes in case of attack.
• Maintain personal vaccination card if travelling and for and children as well.
• Don’t forget to vaccinated pets because they are also prone to attack which can transmit to family members.
Travel precautions;
Travelling precaution are very important because the chance of new infection encounter increase while travelling. The preventive measure includes;
• Avoid eating uncooked vegetables
• Use mineral water and avoid using tap water without boiling
• Don’t use ice because freezing doesn’t kill water-borne infections
• Don’t consume dairy products
• Get vaccination before leaving
• Use bottle drinks

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If sick avoids social contact;
• In cases of a major disease like diarrhea, inflammation and autoimmune diseases avoid going outside home. Stay away from people and avoid any physical contact.
• Use sanitizer and eat homemade food to eliminate every possibility of contamination. Cover nose and mouth with a mask because many pathogen and microbes are transmitted through the air.
• Don’t use wipe and tissues of others. If eating in hotel wipe the platted and glass or request the restaurant staff to wash and sanitize them.

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