The Lymphatic Filariasis; its Symptoms and Treatment
The Filariasis also called Lymphatic Filariasis is a parasitic disease caused by a thin roundworm that can only live in the human lymph system. The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining body fluid and fight against infection.
Many people do not show any symptoms that is why they did not get any treatment. This parasitic is transferred be blood-feeding arthropods family insect mosquitoes and flies.
The two species worm are more associated that causes Filariasis is Wuchereria and bancroftian. Although this disease can be caused by eight different varieties of nematodes.
The human gets infected at the larval stage and the patient may report some minor symptoms like fever, shill, headache and skin lesion. This disease is non-life threating but it can destroy the whole lymphatic system in humans.
Signs and symptoms;
Some patient with Filariasis may show no symptoms and do not show clinically significant conditions. Other may show signs and symptoms like phase of acute inflammation of lymphatic vessels, high body temperature, body aches, shaking chills and lymphatic nodes.
Excess amount of fluid, the edema can accumulate in the affected areas includes legs and arms. The fluid may go once other symptoms are the dimension.
The patient may experience an attack of inflammation around the genital area in the male that infected pain with a swollen testis, sperm track and sperm duct. The scrotum of the patient may become abnormally swollen and painful. In the female, it attacks the area like breast and pelvic area.
Bancroftian Filariasis affects genitals and both legs. And Malayan type affects both legs under knees. Some patient has low white blood cells due to inflammation during the acute phase but the cell count gets normal once the condition is treated,

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Treatment; Filariasis Treatment Options

The progressive dose of an anti-parasitic drug can be helpful. These drugs are DEC or Diethylcarbamazine which can This medicine kills microfilaria. This medicine just controls the infection transmission from one person to another person.
The Other anti-parasitic drugs albendazole and Ivermectin. These drug work to get rid of larval development and kill the adult worm and prevent its inhibition.


Some surgery is also performing on the individuals who have an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the area of the scrotum. The surgery for Filariasis can also perform on the area for reaming worm removal and in other cases elevating and support of elastic stocking.
The surgery for the dead worm is also necessary. Because there is are chance of high concentration of dead worm in the bloodstream can cause server allergic reaction and provoke other ailments.

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Preventive measures;
The mosquito control for prevention of Filariasis in of living area is very important. Because the mosquito is the carrier of these parasites. Preventive measure is also required in the area where the chance of mosquito habitat is high like tropical area, still water and rain forests.

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