What ae the steps for Preventions in Tuberculosis

TB or Tuberculosis is a potentially serious infectious disease of the respiratory tract that mainly affects the lungs. This is a highly contagious disease and the infection spread from one person to another person via air. The tinny droplet of an infected person spread in air and people in surrounding may catch by coughing and sneezing or even talk.
The bacteria attack the lungs directly but sometimes it attacks other parts of the body as well. Tuberculosis is considered the second biggest killing disease. Tuberculosis is usually caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium. Once a person is infected and germs are not active medication can prevent the damages. When the germs are actions that lead to the latent stage of Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis seems a history but still, people are suffering from it and prevention is required in any way for healthy living and longevity. So prevention is worth then cure in any way.
How to Prevent Tuberculosis?
There are different steps in prevention from personal hygiene to environmental exposure. These steps are
Evading contact to People Suffering from Active Tuberculosis;
The basic step in prevention is to avoid contact with the people who are suffering from Tuberculosis.
After identification of an active TB patient, the medication and proper treatment is required. Their contact with normal population needs to be disrupted until they are fully recovered.
Detection at early stages and swift treatment play an important role in TB prevention.

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Tuberculosis Infection Control;
The Tuberculosis control includes different activities like the use of a mask or specifically respiratory masks. It can help individuals to prevent the chance of infection in a populated area like hospitals, prison and nursing homes.
The vaccination of Tuberculosis also contributes to prevention. The vaccine can interrupt transmission and infection.
Use of pasteurizing milk can also help in prevention from getting bovine TB.

Tuberculosis cautions;
Everyone is at risk of TB infection when the bacteria are present in the air. Those who are infected should avoid to cough and sneeze in an area populated with people. Even in some cases talking also realises germs in the air, they should cover their mouth while coughing or sneezing. The best solution is to use respiratory masks. People should use masks before visiting patients in hospitals and a nursing home as it is the best prevention method for patient and non-infectious individuals.
Tuberculosis Prevention;
Getting BCG Vaccination provides excellent protection against the disseminate TB in children. The BCG or Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine is the most effective method of prevention for children population whereas adults are prescribing with antibiotic medication.
The antibiotic medication includes Isoniazid and Rifampin are prescribing for tuberculosis. In some cases, both are recommended according to the patient and risk factors.
Educating the population about the prevention of TB and the patients to control and if patients are at first episode of active TB is necessary.
There are many people who develop latent TB, so they need education and insight to avoid reactivating these bacteria is very necessary.
Living a healthy lifestyle, practice basic hygiene principles and exercise help a lot in the prevention of active TB.

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