Hepatitis C in Women; The sings, symptoms and prevention

The Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes inflammation which can lead to serious damages the liver. The Hep C virus (HCV) spread through contaminated blood. There are different types of hepatitis virus-like A, B, D and E but hepatitis C virus causes serious liver complication and damaged the liver as well.
As the virus spread through the blood to the health workers at hospital and caretaker at nursing homes are at high risk of Hepatitis C infection. People are not aware of infection because the virus is not active some time it takes many years to develop symptoms.
Women are also at high risk during pregnancy due to surgical procedure and other procedure like insertion and injections may be contaminated with the virus. The virus affects both men and women but in women the symptoms are different.
There are different short term and long term symptoms of hepatitis C in women. The women don’t have symptoms until the chronic stage of hepatitis C. the early signs may be attributed to menopause, anemia, or depression.
The acute or early symptoms may include,
• Fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Joint and muscles pain
• Abdominal discomfort
• Fever
• Lethargy
• Pain in stomach
• Dark color urine
• Eye and skin appear yellow in color
• Jaundice

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The acute signs of hepatitis C last of few months in women without treatment and clear on its own. The women mostly suffer from acute infections.
The chronic infection is a silent killer and stays in women body for a longer period of time. Until the virus damages the liver enough the liver to show the symptoms of liver disease.
The chronic symptoms of hepatitis c in women include;
• Bleeding and bruising easily
• Fluid retention in the stomach
• Sudden and unexpected weight loss
• Spider blood vessels on the skin, spider veins
• Skin allergies and itchy skin
• Legs swelling
• Fluid buildup in the abdomen
• Alter state of mind include confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech
• Fatigue
• Dark color urine
• And Bloating
The chronic symptoms in women can be confused with menopause, depression and anxiety. But one needs to rule out the causes of symptoms by a laboratory test.

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There are different preventive measures from hepatitis C infection by taking these precautions;
• Do not use illicit drugs if it is through intravenous.
• Avoid nose, ear and body piercing and tattooing body.
• Practice safe sex methods. Unprotect sex practice when the partner is unknown the risk of sexual transmission become very high.

• The Antiviral medication is used to treat Hepatitis C to clear the body from virus.
• The liver translation is also an option for chronic hepatitis C, in case the liver is damaged to the level the surgeon replaces it with a healthy liver.
• Changing lifestyle and some home remedies can help in overall health condition. Some remedies are avoiding alcohol, stop taking medication that is at risk of damaging the liver and women can take extra caution when she is pregnant.

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