Some Beneficial Homemade Remedies in pain due to Peptic Ulcer
The peptic ulcer is a sore lining in the stomach wall and top part of the small intestine. This ulcer causes burning sensation and pain followed by nausea, bloating, vomiting and few other uncomfortable symptoms of the digestive tract. these symptoms less the hunger drive and cause sleep troubles.
The inflammation caused by bacteria and erosion from stomach acid results in peptic ulcer.
The therapeutic intervention includes medication but there are natural ways and homes remedies which are proven to be effective in relieving.

Homemade Remedies for Peptic Ulcer Pain
A peptic ulcer is a condition that can be eliminated through simple changes in lifestyle and follow healthy diet changes. Like take a small meal, food rich with fiber and whole grains are healthy food to add in the diet.
There are few things patient needs to avoid if they are experiencing Peptic Ulcer pain;
• Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks in a day and avoid mixing alcohol with medication in case you are feeling pain in the stomach.
• Avoid taking medication like aspirin and other pain killers to avoid peptic ulcer relief.
• Avoid smoking and tobacco for relief in the pain of a peptic ulcer.
• Do not take caffeinated drink and beverages as it causes dehydration and it worsens the ulcer pain.
• Avoid fried food, hot paper and high salt diet.
• Consume acidic foods like tomato and citrus to prevent ulcer and pain.
• Eat a diet rich with fruits, vegetable and grains that helps the body to reduce the conditions that cause peptic ulcer and related pain.
There are many foods like vegetable, fruit and ingredient in the kitchen that provide relief in pain that result in peptic ulcer which include;
For some onion look as it gives gas but it prevents the bacteria in the stomach and gut that cause peptic ulcer which can lead to stomach cancer over time. Eating slice onion in the form of salads, in a sandwich or eat in other vegetable combination. Avoid eating fry onion upset the stomach.
The cabbage has healing properties in ulcer like conditions. The fresh cabbage juice provides fast relief in ulcer pain. Eating fresh cabbage in salads and drinking cabbage soups also help the body to heal in conditions like a stomach ulcer. Try eating two bowls of raw cabbage daily and four cups of cabbage soups every day have shown healing peptic ulcer in less than a week.

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Aloe juice;
The Aloe Vera juice sooth the inflamed stomach just like it do wonder on the skin to heal in sunburn. Take a few sips of aloe juice before every meal and at night. The aloe juice will heal the stomach line and prevent the inflammation that causes pain in the ulcer.
Eating banana daily is the most effective remedy in stomach ulcer. It naturalizes the hyperacidity due to gastric juice. Banana shake and smoothies help the body to fight against inflammation in the stomach.
The yoghurt has an active culture of good bacteria called probiotic bacteria, that helps the stomach the fight against and provide relief in ulcer pain.

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