Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy the cause, symptoms and Treatments

The urinary tract infection during pregnancy is very common, researchers say during lifetime the chance is 2 in 1. In some women the infection is reoccurring and the symptoms the cause and sings may change too.
Urinary tract infection is harmless in the start but some time bacteria can pass to urethra and spot kidney that can cause a serious health problem.
This condition is treatable but there is different cause like using wipes for cleaning instated of water. encounter the places that are contaminated with a bacterium like bathrooms and some sexual practice.

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• During pregnancy urinary tract infections are common but it dangerous too if left untreated and unattended. They considered infection harmless especially if it is their 3rd or 4th time. But there are chances to infect the kidney if not attended on time.
• The hormonal changes can result in some changes in the urinary tract can lead some form of preadoption for infection.
• The body of females in changing and the fetus inside the whom getting bigger that can exert some pressure on the bladder. This pressure can hinder bladder functions like pregnancy women fail to empty the urinary bladder completely.
• Some pregnant women avoid urinating due to discomfort assorted with sitting and getting up. Urine retentions or not able to urinate due to travelling or some other reason can cause Urinary tract infections.

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The symptoms during pregnancy for UTI are;

• Feeling the urgency of urinating or urinating on a frequent basis.
• Difficulty in urinating
• Cloudy, dark, bloody and strange smelling urine
• Fever and chills
• pelvic discomfort
• Blood in urine
• Feeling tired and shaky
• Burning sensation while urinating
• Pain and pressure in the back or lower abdominal area

There are different remedies and therapeutic intervention for urinary tract infection for pregnant women. The remedies include;
• Antibiotic medication as per doctor perception for a few days.
• Pain killer such as paracetamol can ease the discomfort and pain during urination.
• Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and other fluids,
• Empty the bladder on frequent bases
• If use wipe for cleaning, wipe from front to back.
• Use the shower
• Keep genital dry and use cotton underwear and loose fitting clothes.

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