what is Yellow Fever; The Causes and Symptoms
The yellow fever is potentially dead flue like serious condition. It’s a form of fever that is an acute hemorrhagic viral infection that spread by mosquito. Which is characterized by high fever and jaundice.
This mosquito is found in some region of South America and tropical areas of Africa. It is also called by the names of yellow plague, yellow jack, or bronze john. It Is not curable but it can be prevented with yellow fever vaccine.
Some symptoms include fever, jaundice, pain in muscles, vomiting, nausea and fatigue. It damages the liver and other organs in the body. Some patients develop sewer symptoms and few dies within 7 to 8 days of infection.
There Is risk of severe disease, if infected people travel to the populated area where are people are living with no immunity and vaccination the viruses will be transferred from person to person through mosquitos.

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Yellow Fever Symptoms;
Once the body is infected with a yellow virus the incubation takes 3 to 6 days. Some people do not develop any symptoms at all but others may show different acute symptoms including;

• Sudden fever
• Pain in back
• Frequent chill
• Body aches in the knee and at the back
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• High fever
• Weakness
• Feeling tired like fatigue for no apparent reasons
• Loss of appetite
• Sensitivity to the bright light
• Red skin, tongue and eyes

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Some people can recover from these initial symptoms within 7 to 10 days. Those patients who recover from early weakness might last several months.
Some people develop more sewer symptoms of yellow fever. When acute symptoms last longer then it forms life threating symptoms includes

• High fever
• Yellow skin (Jaundice)
• Unbearable pain
• Face bleeding including eyes, nose and mouth
• State of shock
• Organ dysfunction including kidney and liver failure
• Brian dysfunction
• Seizure
• delirium
• Cardiac arrest with slow pulse
• Abdominal pain and vomiting
• Urination problems
This disease can lead to death; those develop these sewer symptoms the death rate is 30-40 %.

The Causes of Yellow Fever;
The yellow fever is caused when mosquito species named Aedes aegypti suck the blood. If the mosquito is infected with Flavivirus and come in contact with human species and monkey. The disease did not spread from person to person directly by any mean of contact.
These mosquitos breed in the tropical rain forest and live near to the human populated area. They also live in humid, Sami-humid as well as still water. If it comes in contact with a population who are not vaccinated can act like an epidemic on a micro scale.
Good hospital and supportive care improve the survival rate of patients who suffer from Yellow fever but no anti-fever drug for yellow fever is currently available.

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