Techniques of Managing pain due to Kidney Stone
There are multiple reasons that result in the formation of mass accumulation in the kidney or in the urinary tract. which hindered the normal body function and causes different discomfort for the patient. In some cases, the individual’s feels pain in the abdominal or lower back.
The stone can form in the urinary tract from kidney to bladder, which is of different size and shape.
Some stones pass out their own through urine without causing more discomfort or dysfunction in the long run. In other cases, surgery is required to remove the stones.

Pain Management techniques;

Sometimes these stones are painful despite the location, there are some pain management techniques and methods are helpful in pain relief and management. Some methods are;

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Pain Medications;
If the patient experience discomfort and pain due to a kidney stone. The pain can be reduced by taking over the counter medication for pain such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Other perception drugs like calcium channel blocker and alpha-blocker to relax the ureter and bladder. Potassium citrate and sodium citrate are helpful in pain if the stone is the end product of uric acid.

The water helps the body to pass out the stone and provide some level of pain in relief. The water helps the body to dilute the urine. when the acidic level of the urine decreases so as the pain.
Dehydration is one of the main risks of kidney stone and pain associated with stone. Staying hydrating by taking plenty of water and liquids not only help the body to remove the stone but helps in pain management.

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Basil Juice;
The basil juice contains acidic acid which helps the kidney to break down the stones and reduce the pain. It also helps the body to fight the inflammation caused due to UT issues and stones. It is full of nutrient, antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties good for healthy functions.
Heat can provide instant relief in kidney pain. The bottle filled with warm water can be placed on the abdominal area, some time they are placed in the lower back.
Avoid food rich with calcium and protein;
Food including fish and meat contain protein and those who have kidney stone should avoid eating them. Because their intake aggravates the pain and provides extra protein to the body to accumulate around the stone. Red or animal meat is prevalent able in kidney stone if the patient stone is made of uric acid, after consumption the person may encounter kidney pain. Avoid taking food rich with calcium in case the composition of the crystal is calcium in nature.

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Regular Exercise;
Indulging in physical activates such as exercise, yoga, cycling help the body to flow the calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. It also helps the body to cleans the toxin from the body through sweating and excess urine. The person after intense need lots of liquid and taking plenty of water also help the body to flood extra toxin from the body and dilute the stone and urine in the water.

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