Effective ways to naturally treat the scars of Chicken Pox on face
The chicken pox is a virus that attacks mostly the children but few individuals experience its attack in adult age. It is a highly contagious virus almost affect every one once in a lifetime. It has a single episode that can cause long-lasting effects like marks and scratches.
The scares develop when someone picks the and scratch the rashes. Some people are conscious about scars if it is on the visible area of the body like face. Reaches and blisters on the skin are common symptoms that cover the entire body.
When the skin is damaged by deep wound the body produce the tissue that is thicker in appearance which is called scar tissue. The inflammation is common on skin symptoms that provide a sunken appearance to the skin.
Home remedies to remove the scars; removal or reduction

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Rosehip oil;
The studies show that regular use of rosehip oil on scares improve in appearance reduce redness and discoloration. This essential oil should be diluted in a carrier oil before applying on the skin to avoid any reaction.

Vitamin E;
Vitamin E leads to significant improvement in the appearance of a scare. The vitamin E oil possesses skin healing properties including fading and dimension any kind of mark and scars from the skin.
Aloe Vera;
The Aloe Vera possesses healing properties for all type of skin problems. Applying its gel on the skin reduces skin inflammation and redness. It also helps in healing the depth of scars.
Stay hydrated;
Drink plenty of water in such condition help the body to hydrate internally and help the body to fight the inflammation internally. It also flashes out the harmful toxin from the body and it will heal the skin automatically.
Exfoliation is a process of removing old dead skin cells. It will help to remove old, rough and dead discolored skin cells and help the skin to heal via younger cell. Location, creams and somebody washes are helpful in cleansing. Some food items like oats, almond flour, graham flour and rice flour also act as natural skin exfoliation for skin in condition like chicken pox.
Coconut water;
The coconut water is rich with vitamins and minerals including a very rich source of potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous and calcium. It helps the skin to heal the wrinkle and scars. applying directly on scars or dinking both yield good result in healing scars.
The oats help in hydrating the facial skin amazingly by speeding up the healing procedure. It gives a lighter tone to the skin and reduces skin inflammation. It reduces the skin redness and discoloration along with deep cleansing of the scars.

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