The Main Causes of Severe Diarrhea in Adults (Explosive Diarrhea)

The sewer diarrhea also called explosive diarrhea is the form of diarrhea with over ambition. The contraction of the muscles of bowels ho help to pass faces become over-activated. The rectum is overfilled with amount and gas accompany severe diarrhea. This condition increases the ejection and aggressive bowel movements.
The diarrhea is the bowel with more liquid with repetitive movements. It can result due to infection but there are other causes as well. The large intestine absorbed more fluid due to the fast digesting procedure.
The undigested carbohydrate, fiber, protein, fats, mucus and intestinal secretion with 75 % amount of water are the ingredient of the digestive product. In diarrhea, the process is so fast that large intestine fails to absorb the necessary nutrients from food.
There are different reasons and the number of conditions and factors are involving the condition. The common causes are;
Bacterial infection;
The bacterial infection spread with contaminated food and water even it transfers from person to person if they came in contact physically like shaking unwashed hands. E. Coli and salmonella are some types responsible for bacterial gut infections.
Viral infection;
The viral infection is the most common cause of explosive diarrhea. These viruses are norovirus, retrovirus, that cause explosive conditions. These are different places where people encounter then like the place of group meeting and public places. School, nursing homes and hospital including other places carry these viruses.
Parasitic infection;
The parasites including G. lamblia and C. enterist are two common parasites which cause explosive diarrhea in adults. These parasites can have transmitted through contact with contemned fecal matters. They are present on fresh un wash food items and contaminated water.
Food allergies;
Some people have an intolerance to certain enzymes, food nutrient that generates adverse effects once taken. The reaction includes Severe Diarrhea. The lactose intolerance in one of the main cause of Explosive Diarrhea. Locates is present in dairy products so eating or consuming these products can lead to digestive tract problems.

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Bowel movement;
Individuals with certain bowel movement conditions often experience Diarrhea. These conditions or syndromes are irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are some risk factor that may lead to Severe or explosive Diarrhea in Adults.
There is some medication that can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems. The medication which contains magnesium, antibiotic medication, hurt burn medication, chemotherapy, laxative, and some antipsychotic drugs may cause Severe Diarrhea in Adults.

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