Sushi Food Poisoning Symptoms and Tips to eliminate

The sushi may be the favorite food of many around. Despite the fact that it delicious but there is the number of rich associated with eating raw fish. There is the number of parasites, mercury and food poisoning bacteria and viruses can contaminate the fish meat.
Vomiting, stomach pain and fatigue are few signs of sushi followed by food poisoning. Eating raw fishes has many health risks like many disease and infections.
food poisoning is the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses caused by food that is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxic substances increases as well.

Sushi Food Poisoning Symptoms
There are many infectious diseases linked to sushi food poisoning. Eating a large amount of sea fish like tuna, yellowtail can lead to mercury poisoning. Different seafood and fishes are associated with different risk if eat raw and their symptoms are different.
In the case of a large amount of consumption for a longer period can lead to different infectious disease. Such as Anisakiasis, hearing worm, tapeworm and vibro species, listeriosis, salmonella infection and bacillius are some health risk including other factors associated with food poisoning.
The common symptoms of food poisoning are;

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• Vomiting
• Fatigue
• Stomach pain
• Diarrhea
• Feeling of nausea
• Discomfort and uneasiness
• High fever
• Blood in stool
• Poor or loss of appetite
• Headaches

Consuming sushi excessively causes dehydration and the Symptoms are:

• Dry mouth with bitter tastes
• Excessive thirst
• Problems with urination
• Lack of or poor strength
• Dizziness
• Blotting

These are some neurological complication associated with eating raw contaminated meet that are;

• Impaired Vision
• State of confusion
• Muscular and joint pain
• Impaired thinking
• Numbness
• Breathing problems
• Dizziness
• Tingling sensation in hands and legs
• Hallucination
• Anxiety

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If someone is having troubles like above with digestive tracts problems, they need to see the doctor. In some cases, the symptoms fade away after 2-3 hour but in case of emergency and the condition is not getting better consult doctor for treatment.

How can food poisoning from sushi be eliminated?
• Consult your doctor in case of severe symptoms and avoid eating raw seafood for some period.

• To fight dehydration, replace the hard food with liquids such as fruit and vegetable fresh juice and smoothies.

• Contaminated fish are responsible for food poisoning, so make sure of hygiene like the cutting knife, plates and other utensils are clean. And wash the fish meet properly and thoroughly and use gloves to cut and wash fish meet. Clean the place through after cutting and cleaning the fish.

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• In market be sure that fish and other seafood is properly refrigerated.

• Look for the fish colour, shine and order as well, if it smells fish do not buy that.

• Properly cover the fish in refrigerate and avoid its contact with other food, keep it aside from other food items.

• Don’t refrigerate fish for more the two days.

• Cook sushi at home instead of buying or dining out in restaurants. The risk of contamination and infection increase in such a place.

• In case of dining out go to authentic places where health and safety are ensuring appropriately.

• Avoid eating sushi and other raw seafood during pregnancy because mercury contamination is high and it can danger the brain development of the fetus.

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