10 main Causes of Red Irritated Eyes (bloodshot)

Eye irritation is quite common when the weather is changing. The dry, hot weather, allergies and inflammation also result in red irritated eyes with itching. The eye becomes redden or bloodshot and red or pink vines appears in the sclera, white part of the eye.
Dry hot weather and pollution some time irritate eyes which start burring an end up in turning red. There are some other possible reasons or eye irritation.
There are some possible and common symptoms for eye irritations.
• Itching in eyes all day and some time at night time,
• Teary eyes
• Aching in eyes
• Blurred or unclear vision
• Eye redness and swollen eyelids
• Sensitivity to sun heat and light
• Eye burning
• Discharge
Some causes of Eye Irritation;
The reason for red irritating eyes causes is different for everyone. Sometimes environmental factor and weather also play some role in causing symptoms of irritating red eyes. Some common causes and reasons are below;

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1. Allergies;
The allergy is the most common cause of eye burring and irritation. When the allergen; the thing someone is allergic to distressed the membrane of eyes.
There are many things causing allergy at a different time. The allergen can be pollen, dust mites, moulds and pet’s dander. Itchy eyes, irritation, and swollen red eyes are some common signs.
Over the counter pills and eye drops can help in providing relive.
2. Block tear duct;
The tear duct drains the tear from the eyes and to the nose. Sometimes tear duct face blockage the duct will stop the tear drainage from the eye properly. It causes irritation in the eyes, causes infection and the individual feel pain in eyelids and bloodshot form in eyes as well.

3. Infections;
The infection through virus, bacterial and fungal infection sometimes causes eye irritation. The individual experience pain in eyes, watery eyes and swelling of eyelids along with red bloodshot in eyes.
4. Styes;
Style is a painful lump located in the corner of eye edge which causes irritation in the eyes. It looks like a pimple fills with puss creating pain in eyes with irritation and result in bloodshot.
5. Dry eye;
When the quantity and quality of the tear are low and poor or it is insufficient to for keeping the eye moist and lubricating. This condition results in a red-eye bloodshot.
6. Extraneous object;
In some cases, foreign and extraneous object causes irritation. The object can be eyelashes, dust particle, small stone or glass. Some object causes damages to the eyes. In case of an accident or encounter consult the doctor for treatment.
7. Brain tumors;
When the brain tumor is located in the area which is directly related to vision also because eye irritation red bloodshot. The area mainly responsible for eye function is occipital lobe. The sings can be double vision, blurred vision, or in severe cases vision loss.
8. Glaucoma;
Glaucoma is characterized by a high level of blood sugar that causes optic nerve damage. They also experience dry eyes and pain in eyes. The glaucoma is common in type 1 and 2 diabetes.
9. Digital eye strain;
The persistent encounter of eyes with a computer screen, phone and tablet cause irritation in eyes. It is called digital eye stains and also refer to computer vision syndrome.
Eye irritation, discomfort, headaches, dry eyes and pain in the neck and shoulder are some signs along with bloodshot in eyes.
10. Multiple sclerosis (MS)
The issues in the vision and irritation are some warning signs or multiple sclerosis. Other symptoms emerge due to inflammation and damage in the protective covering of the nerve. Blurred eye vision, grey vision, and poor eye vision are some other symptoms.

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