Hepatitis C in Men, signs and Symptoms to Look For
Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by HCV virus. The liver produces bile for food digestion and helps the body to remove the toxin. This virus causes inflammation of the liver a dangerous situation for the body.
man Is at high risk to developed Hepatitis C due to unknown reasons. Man is more prone to the side effects of hepatitis c disease.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood or other bodily fluid transfusions. For example, the use of contaminated blood transfer, born during time mother suffers from Hep C and accidental needle injury. In some cases, hep c is transferred through sexual transmission.
Male factor;
According to researches the man body has lower clearness rate as compared to women. the clearness rates mean the ability of the body to get rid of pathogens like bacteria and viruses until It is no more detectable. The possible factors are;
• Age of virus encounter
• Having other infection such as HIV
• The route of infection such as intravenous, blood transfusion, sexual contact and while drugs use.

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Common Hepatitis C Symptoms in Men
The first six months of the disease is called the acute phase. Researcher says if the body cleans itself from the virus but the symptoms are mild and normally confuse with other conditions.
The Acute phase;
The regular checkup and assessment can help to prevent the chance of Hep C infection. But in case the man gets an infection and develop acute symptoms which last for 6 months. The symptoms are;

• Tiredness
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• High fever
• Abdominal pains
• Loss of appetite
feeling sick
• Yellowing of the skin and the eyes
• Itchiness
• Yellowing of the white part of the eyes
• Swelling in the legs, ankles and feet
• Flue like symptoms
• Dark urine
• Light colored stool
The symptoms start after 7 weeks of virus exposure. Some have symptoms in the start and these last for 26 weeks.
Chronic infection;
After 6 months the infection becomes chronic if treatment is not taken for chronic hep c the conditions like liver fibrosis will develop. This condition can lead to cirrhosis. The condition is scarring of tissues which lead to hardening liver and it shrinks and it stops functioning.
The symptoms for the chronic phase are;

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• Itchy skin
• Easy Bruising
• Easy Bleeding
• Swelling in the legs
• Fluid accumulation in the abdomen
• Weight loss
• Slurred speech
• Drowsiness and confusion
• Spider-like blood vessels in the skin
• declaration of eyes

Failure to get medical attention for treat chronic Hepatitis C can lead to more sever dysfunctions in body functions such as;
• Abdominal bloating and swelling
• Extreme fatigue
• Wasting and weakness of the body
• Severe itching
• Edema; fluid in legs, ankles and feet
• Enlarge spleen
• Enlarge blood vessel

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Failure to seek treatment for hep c leads to Cirrhosis a common complication of liver scarring which can lead to liver cancer like conditions.

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