The Common Eye Infections Caused by Contact Lenses

many people are wearing contact lens every day without any complication. There is risk associated with contact lenses included infections which can be fungal, bacterial and viral.
The symptoms are red eyes, pain in eyes, dry eyes, swollen eyes, watery eyes, itching and swelling around the eyes. In some cases, patient report blurry vision.
There are several causes that result in eye infection and contact lenses are one of the most common reasons in the list. Slight from of careless attitude in washing lens, changing the liquid of forgetting to dust and washing lens leads to some serious repercussions.
Contact lenses are convenient and comfortable as compare to glasses. People who wear contact lens daily are at high risk of developing Keratitis due to fungal, viral and some parasitic form long with and pink eye infections. The infection can scar cornea which affects the vision and corneal transplant is required in severe cases.

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Eye Infections Caused by wearing Contact Lenses;
Some viral and bacterial infection caused by a poor hygienic habit of using contact lenses are;
Pink eye;
Pink eye or Conjunctival infection is very common in highly contagious infection in the eyes. It is spread in close contact with the environment which has a viral and bacterial origin. It also comes from a common cold virus which is easily spread from others and causes allergic infection.
The allergic infection includes allergic conjunctivitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis, idiopathic superior limbic kerato conjunctivitis and toxic conjunctivitis.
Allergic conjunctivitis arises because of eyes sensitivity toward the solution which has thiomersal. Thiomersal is a preservative chemical, used in contact lens care solutions. The allergic infection called Giant papillary conjunctivitis arises due to lens intolerance. People who wear hydrogel lenses generally suffer from idiopathic superior limbic kerato conjunctivitis. The cleaning solution for contact lenses also causes Toxic conjunctivitis.

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Keratitis is one of the most common Eye Infections Caused by using Contact Lenses. It is a corneal infection during which around and clear dome covers the pupil and the iris of the eye. Which result in blurred vision and other sight problems.
There are multiple causes of Keratitis like bacteria, microbes, fungus and herpes. This infection due can result in corneal scarring which can also impair vision.
Fungal Keratitis;
This type of eye infection is a fungal eye infection. This fungal keratitis is associated with Fusarium fungi found in organic matters. Some lens solution carries this fungus which causes infection. Another way of catching infection is through tree branches in case of penetrating injuries.
Parasite eye infection;
There is a parasite living in the swimming pool which attacks and infects eyes more if the swimmer is using contact lenses. This parasite is Acanthamoeba and the infection is hard to treat this parasitic infection. Wearing contact lenses increase the chance of sight infection Acanthamoeba Keratitis. It leads to severe pain in the eye and the possibility of vision loss and blindness. A cornea transplant is needed in case of severe damage.
Mechanical Injury;
Earing default old, expire and crack lens also cause injuries to the eyes. such injury results in trauma while removing contact lenses. It may hurt the eyes in the form of some scare or sores that can result in permeant vision loss.
Tight Lens Syndrome
Tight lens syndrome is mainly sighted with the RGP lenses if the person forgets to take off the lens at night. Another form is if she or she slept overnight without taking off the contact lenses. The lenses stick or jam at one place and the person fail to move or remove it. Medical attention is required in such cases to avoid the further loss or permeant damage to the eyes.

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