What are common side effects of Hepatitis C Treatment?

Those who are getting chronic Hepatitis C treatment don’t complete the treatment drugs regime because of many side effects. It affects the quality of the life and unwanted symptoms like in some cases the medication develops the symptoms like the disease in counter indication.
the classic HCV medication has severe side effects in many cases which leads the research for developing new treatment option in therapeutic interventions. The new drugs have fewer side effects and the treatment time period is less than a year now. As the less exposure to the medication leads to fewer side effects.
Treatment side effects;
The side effects vary from person to person and also upon the drug type.
Common side effects;
• Decreased count in Red blood cells
• Depression and anxiety
• Feeling sick and dizziness
• Loss of appetite
• Hair loss
• Insomnia and irritability
• Infection like symptoms
• Poor or inability to concentration
• Delirium and memory problem
• Arthritis
• Gastrointestinal problems
• Abdominal pain
• Unexplained Nausea

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How hepatitis C drugs effects body systems and its functioning;
Flue like symptoms;
The hepatic C medication develops symptoms like flue such as muscles pain, headache and fever along with continues fatigue. They appear several hours after taking the drug injection.
Lungs problems;
Dry Coughing and other respiratory problems are very common in patients under treatment. Shortness of breath and airway viral and other infections are some other risks.
Temperament problems;
Depression, mood swings and state of confusion are common among patients under treatment. The conditions alleviated for those who have a history of mental health problems.
Fatigue, exhaustion and lethargy are very common with flu-like symptoms in a patient under medication. Feeling tired and un explain rundown is also common among other conditions.
Sleep problem;
The patient may report difficulty in falling asleep, and insomnia due to mood disturbance and conditions get worse for the patient with depressive episodes.
Skin delinquent;
The skin problem includes dry skin, unexplained rashes on skin and itching. The situation gets worst for the patient in sunlight exposure.
Stomach problems;
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite and stomach aches are some common complaints of the patients.

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The Somber side effects of treatment can be;
• Anemia
• Hypothyroidism
• Eye problems
• Suicidal ideation and impulsive behavior
• Autoimmune disease
• Interstitial pneumonitis
• Thrombocytopenia
• Diabetes

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