A practical method for Treating Bacterial Pneumonia in Adults

Pneumonia is a bacterial infection in the lungs. The bacteria causes the air sacs that are in the lungs to become inflamed with fluid, cellular debris, and pus, and it may also appear engorged. These infections may hinder the exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon diode). Most of the people that suffer from bacterial pneumonia may experience shorten breath, fever, chest pain, coughing, and a lot of mucus production. Bacterial pneumonia may either be severe or mil and the condition may result in respiratory failure or even death of the affected person.

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The immune status, age, the health of an individual may influence the seriousness of the bacterial infection. The treatment of bacterial pneumonia involves intake of antibiotics as well as ventilation to work as a supportive measure.

Treating Bacterial Pneumonia in Adults

Some of the best options for treating bacterial pneumonia, especially in adults, is discussed below.


Taking antibiotics is one of the most excellent methods of treating bacterial pneumonia in adults. Medicines can help in reducing the risk of developing complications associated with people ailing from bacterial pneumonia. Therefore the choice of antibiotics always depends on the health condition of the affected person. Amoxicillin is the best antibiotic used for treating bacterial pneumonia.

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Respiratory Support

People affected with bacterial pneumonia and suffered from bronchospasm may also benefit from the use of inhaled bronchodilators. Moreover, ventilator support can be given to a person through the nasal cannula that is important for supplementing oxygen intake.

Fluid Resuscitation

Intravenous crystalloids are essential for patients with bacterial pneumonia and also suffer from hypertension or tachycardia. Although a special consideration must be taken to prevent aggressive fluid administration from creating a volume overload, especially in peoples who suffer from volume depletion.

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Empiric Therapy

The use of Empirical therapy is beneficial for patients who are hospitalized from bacterial pneumonia. The treatment is used to cover the causative organism that causes bacterial pneumonia in patients. But caution must be taken when handling elderly patients since they require special care.

Moreover, there are some best treatment methods to be used in treating adults with bacterial pneumonia.

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