About Gene therapy for Hemophilia

We should know about hemophilia first before going to gene therapy for hemophilia. Hemophilia is disorders that involve bleeding which is known to be caused by a genetic defect in a pair of chromosomes. In most cases the bleeding occurs because of certain blood clots factors like IX and VII are not working properly and are missing.

In the liver is where most of these blood clotting is produced. Hemoglobin has two forms that is A and B and they are the major one and occur both in male and women.

With Gene therapy for hemophilia is describe that when one has hemophilia one is likely to bleed every and easily mostly after a cut or injury compared to a normal person. In some occasion individual can have internal bleeding in muscles and joints like hip, ankle or even elbow. When there is the continuation of the bleeding most in muscles and joint it may cause a lot of damage that will limit the mobility of a person.

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Some of the symptoms of Hemophilia

In most cases the symptoms may vary from person to person that is based on the clotting factor of one’s blood. The sign may include; neck pain, change of behavior, excessive sleepiness,blleding in urine, long-term head ache, pain in the joints ,double vision, vomiting and also continuous bleeding after the umbilical code is cut.

The symptoms are treatable if one want to treat them but the gene therapy is one of the best and successful treatments of all.

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When does one need to consult he doctor?

In most cases when one experience the symptoms the doctor will conduct some physical examination so as to know what type of hemophilia and ask the family about disorder history and if it runs in the family.
Afterward the doctor will do some blood test so as to determine on how much the clotting factor is present in one’s blood.

Does the gene therapy for hemophilia work the best?

It is one of the most successful and powerful method and many doctors suggest to their patient that they should use the gene therapy for hemophilia as their treatment. Gene therapy is known for correcting the defective gene which is considered to be responsible for the development of the disease. In addition it is mostly designed.

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