Agnes Wilczynski Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Siblings

Aged 43, Agnes was born on May 17, 1977, in Poland , but her nationality is now also American, as her family migrated when she was six years old. She spent her early years in Poland until 6 years of age. She along with her older brother, Arthur came to America. The two flew on TWA jumbo jet with a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and therefore no arrangement for returning back.

She would later describe this moment as a literally hitting the Jack Pot. Agnes grew up in Las Vegas and attended a local school there and later went to a college. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. When it comes to Agnes’ ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has brown eyes and luscious blonde hair, which suits her complexion perfectly. Judging from the photos available on the internet, the reality star has a fit figure. Unfortunately, she doesn’t share information about her early years and upbringing, except for the family migration.

Agnes Wilczynski Career Details

Over the years, Showing her talent in different phases of her life, Agnes has proved that she is talented enough. While she was still in high school Agnes started working and, at age of 16, her first job was at a fast-food joint. At the age of 21, She then worked at hotel resorts from slinging drinks to serving food and rose to the managing job. A few years later while working as a hairdresser, Agnes also worked in real estate sales. Then, near her living area in Las Vegas, she moved on to work as a sales representative in a local Ferrari dealership.

Wayde King, the co-owner of ATM, and Agnes met during her time at Ferrari dealership. She had a goal of selling Porsche to Wayde king, initially, which she did, but she also took inspiration from Wayde’s passion for his work and ended up working for him. At Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), She worked as a sales coordinator and estimator at for 12 years. As a part of the job, she coordinated with designers to create quotes so that ATM can bid on jobs and estimate job costs.
During her time at ATM she was part of reality TV show Tanked for 8 years. In 2011, Agnes made show debut and after the show came to end in 2018, Agnes also left the job. After taking time off for some time Agnes founded at Beach Boats Bungalows and currently works there.

Agnes Wilczynski Net Worth

As of 2020, Agnes has an estimated net worth of $1M. Over the years, Agnes has transitioned in multiple professions and one that brought her fame is sales coordinator and estimator job at ATM. Besides earning a salary as a regular employee she got paid as the cast of the TV show. And recently Agnes ventured into the business of own.

Agnes Wilczynski Personal Life: Siblings And Dating History

Agnes has shared a few details about her personal life. Such as she has an older brother Arthur whom she calls Artie, and she is very close to her sister in law Sheryl Wilczynski. Time to time Agnes Wilczynski spends the vacation in her birth country, Poland where her family lives. Besides these facts, not much has come out about her more importantly information regarding her relationships and affairs. As of now, we cannot tell for sure if Agnes is in a relationship or married with a boyfriend. Agnes is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and we can only hope she decides to open the lid on her personal life.

Agnes Wilczynski Body Measurements

Agnes has maintained her body weight, Standing with an ideal height of 5 feet 5 inches,. She weighs 50 kg with a slim body type.

Agnes Wilczynski Social Media Presence

Being in the entertainment field naturally means that Agnes is active on social media, which she uses to promote her work as well as to communicate with her fans. She is active on Instagram and Facebook and is followed by 12,000 people on the latter and as of May 2020 she has 20k followers on Instagram, and on which she often posts photos from her private life, that gives her fans a chance to take a closer look at what Agnes life looks like when the cameras are turned off.

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