Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Bio, Net Worth, Salary Per Episode

Watching the reality television series show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, shall be a unique experience as it is different from the usual mold of TV shows. This popular show on the Discovery Channel is at its eighth season which highlights the whole Kilcher clan and their industrious activities and how they get ready for the winter season without any advanced amenities. A superior family like Kilcher situated outside of Homer, Alaska could be a great choice for the Discovery Channel for an exciting reality show like the “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. Know every star of this family tree and their net worth.

The American TV series on Discovery Channel, Alaska: The Alaskan Frontier, made the Kilcher family famous. The history of this family began when Yule and Ruth Kilcher shifted their base from Switzerland to extensive untamed rough land in Alaska with their two sons and six daughters. Their sons, Atz, and Otto are now reality stars on The Alaskan Frontier Show. The makers of the show were particularly interested in the way of the life of this clan. Interestingly, the family was not aware that one of their members was a celebrity. The famous musician, Jewel Kilcher, is the daughter of Atz from his previous marriage. Even some people believe that the Kilcher family became a part of the show because of the influence of Jewel. But the makers had no idea that she was a part of this family and raised on the same farmhouse included previously in the show.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Atz Kilcher

The oldest member of the eight children of the Kilcher family, Atz Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be $ 5 million. He was from a family of musicians and performed throughout Alaska and Europe. Currently, he is featuring in the popular American reality show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier” aired on the Discovery Channel which highlights the way of life of the Kilcher family and their residence in Alaska. The most established person of the show, Atz is assigned to protect the family from wild animals like wolves, bears, and coyotes. Interestingly, he is a part of the show even from the beginning.

Even if Atz had an extraordinarily young age in Southern Alaska, he had enjoyed a fascinating life with his siblings. Since they lived in a place where there were no schools, companions or even neighbors, he spent his days singing with his siblings and narrating stories to each other. Later these stories and melodies were released as albums. Their mother educated them in a creative way at home and later they all went to the public school. Raised in an untamed placed without any good roads and in a house without even cooking equipment, Atz and his family had a very tough time. They used a local lamp for getting light and coal for cooking.

Atz is now hitched to Bonnie Dupree but he earlier married to Lenedra Carroll. He has three children from his first marriage, Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher, and Atz Lee Kilcher. He has a fourth child, Nikos, from another woman named Linda. Both Atz and Bonnie are singers and performed regularly at weddings and other functions. His famous musician daughter, Jewel, occasionally shows up the show to support the family. One of the grandnieces of Atz, Q’Oriyanka, recently entered into the film world.

Bonnie Kilcher

The estimated net worth of Bonnie Kilcher is approximately $ 2 million. Born in New York, she loved traveling and left home to explore the world to search what life has stored for her. She met an old schoolmate in Saranac Lake who thrilled her by telling colorful stories of Alaska and offered a ride. They traveled all over and reached the town in Alaska and set up a shelter on the shoreline there.

Bonnie, the wife of Atz Kilcher, was worked at a cannery nearby for a long time before she reached to the homestead. After hearing the stories of Atz and the music culture of the Kilcher family, she made a trip to their place. The Kilcher family members tricked her and maneuvered into the dwelling place of animals, but she started to love Alaska and decided to live there. Both Bonnie and Atz enjoy music, skiing, and other activities together that make their bonding strong.

Charlotte Kilcher

Charlotte Kilcher, the wife of Atz’s brother Otto Kilcher, has an estimated net worth of approximately $ 2 million. An adventure enthusiast, she shifted to Alaska to work as a wildlife scientist in the late 70’s. A true vegan since the beginning of her teenage, it was tough for Charlotte to adjust life on a place where butchering different animals treated as a standard practice. A pioneer-minded woman, she makes herself busy by engaging in different activities like gardening, cultivating, milking the cow, honey beekeeping and raising chicken and ducks for eggs.

Charlotte married Otto, another star of Alaska: The Last Frontier, for more than twenty years, and built her family and life on the homestead. Basically hailed from Northern California, she met her husband during an environmental disaster caused by the spill at Exxon Valdez oil in South-central Alaska. Both of them had similar interests which helped them to come closer. The couple has two sons, Torrey and August, and stepsons, Elvin and Levi. The couple has two sons, Torrey and August, and stepsons, Elvin and Levi. She is a blessed woman in the show because of the constant love and support from her husband and children.

Eivin Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher, son of Otto Kilcher, has an estimated net worth of nearly $ 2million which can be linked to the renowned reality show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. He has a special interest in settling and creating anything around the homestead. Cooking is another passion of this youthful star who has published a book on it with his wife.

Eivin lives with his wife Eve and two children, Sparrow Rose and Findley only half a mile away from the residence of his father. A social media enthusiast, he shares pictures of their beautiful homestead kitchen on some platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also shares articles on the homestead lifestyle and cooking. Eivin is a happy person who adores everything about Homer, loves cooking delectable dishes, enjoys farming and cherishes fishing. A family person, he has made the homestead a paradise with his wife and children.

Eve Kilcher

Eve Kilcher also has a net worth of approximately $ 2 million which she has drawn up from her show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Born on May 23, 1974, in Fairbanks, Alaska, she grew up near the homestead of the Kilcher family. Married to Eivin Kilcher, Eve lives in a ranch with her husband and two children in Fritz Creek, Alaska. Her husband keeps himself busy with fishing, farming, and building, Eve spends most of her time for gardening. A hardworking woman, the whole family appreciates Eve for her capability to grow different vegetables and herbs. She also does canning and picks different fruits and gets them ready for the long winters. She also sells the vegetables and herbs growing in her garden to CSA individuals and nearby occupants. Eve and her husband Eivin have been a part of the show since 2011. Her mother has written a book on the points of interests of raising her baby, Eve and her own life.

Jane Kilcher

The net worth of Jane Kilcher is more than $ 2 million. She is the wife of Atz Lee, son of Atz Kilcher. Jane, an adventurous lady, was born and raised in Alaska, not far away from the homestead of the Kilcher family. She also is a part of the reality show aired on the Discovery Channel. Active on social media, she is keen to share her pictures there frequently.

Jane is an avid music lover, and she fell in love with Atz Lee Kilcher because of his music skills. The couple is blessed with two children, but they rarely appear in the show. Her fishing skills made her a good fit for the Kilcher homestead. She can harvest sufficient amount of fish in the summer, which will be enough for the whole Kilcher family to sustain during the winter months. She is one of the favorite stars of the show as people love to watch her fishing skills.

Otto Kilcher

Otto Kilcher has a total asset of nearly $ 4 million which he amassed by working as a mechanic. He is one of the eight children of Yule and Ruth Kilcher and brother of Atz Kilcher. He had a passion for fixing broken things and began working as a mechanic as a leisure activity. Later he became a full-time mechanic and most of his assets he acquired from this profession. His father was a congressperson in Alaska and helped in making a state constitution. The Discovery Channel show Alaska: The Last Frontier made him a renowned person.

Otto is currently married to Charlotte Irene Adamson and together they have a son, August. He married twice before his marriage to Charlotte. Olga Von Zegasar was his first wife, but they got separated after a few years of marriage. He had two children from his second marriage with Sharon McKemie. He has been leading a happy life with Charlotte for a long time. Otto has six sisters and a brother, Atz. His brother is also a part of the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

The net worth of Otto has accumulated from acting and his profession as a mechanic. He was keen in mechanic even from his adolescence age. He loved to gather broken things and repair and fix them. His passion for repairing broken things has enabled him to lead a content life and build assets. It is interesting to know that he also manages a boat transportation company apart from being a part of a popular American television series. Besides, he is an active member of the Kenai Peninsula farm bureau.

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