Alisyn Camerota Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Awards

She is a well renowned and famous journalist and television personality; she is an American Italian who has cut her teeth in the media world. Her height is 5ft 3inch, and she weighs 56kg. She has well over three decades in this beautiful career that is term for the females alone. She has built a niche out of it for anchoring news for Fox News Channel, a white American. Her name signifies her programme Alisyn Camerota a native of America. Who later join the CNN news as a co-anchor? She has covered so many stories both nationally and internationally in Fox news and in CNN, making her to earn two Emmy Awards nomination for her outstanding news reporting.

Alisyn Camerota Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Her birth place is Bellingham in Washington, 21st June, 1966. Her parents later moved to Shrewsbury, New Jersey, all in United State of America, Where she later moved to Los Angeles California, she is a white ethnic American.

Alisyn Camerota Education Details

She bags her first degree from American University, Washington DC in the school of communication. She has degree in Broadcast journalism, and a minor in Criminal Justice. When she was in college she worked as a waitress in an Ice Cream Shop called Friendly’s, before moving on with career in journalist she obtain.

Alisyn Camerota Career Details

Alisyn Camerota worked for Fox News Channel (FNC), for quite some years putting in hard work and building her career and shaping or sharpening her skills, Alisyn she was incorporated into Fox News Channel (FNC) in February 1998. She start as a correspondent for Boston Agency where she grew and live to joined CNN. She is a veteran journalist with well over three decades in journalism.

She started her spell with different television stations in America. Later worked for Boston television station as a news caster, WHDH, and she also worked at Washi DC-based television station WTTG. Putting some numbers of years in her work before joining Fox news channel and have a good time showing the world what she was made off, in television news and granting great interviews and reporting great news. She spend nearly three decade in these stations before switching to CNN as a co-anchor for CNN’s television show ‘New Day’ on 25/07/2014. Almost a year working as a co-anchor of the show, then they later appointed and gave her a permanent co-anchoring of the show New Day.

Alisyn Camerota Marriage Details

The family love living a simple way of life, Alisyn Camerota got married to her long loved date Tim Lewis in 2002 and they have three wonderful children including a twin. A sweet and little member of the family that they love to take along and always mention as part of the family is their dog. The popular news icon, radiant in appearance, lovely to be with, friendly in nature and style, she guided and build her home with the fear of God. The family are happy in their looks. The image is seen in their tweeter handle and as well as face book handle. The image is seen in her face book page, tweeter handle page. Alisyn Camerota lovely pictures images:,,

Alisyn Camerota Achievements

She has being nominated twice for Emmy Award for news reporting. She is an author and also a journalist by profession. The title of her novel “Amanda Wakes Up”. She has contributed greatly to the popular American show, called “American Most Wanted”. She produces some work for Koppel Communications. Alisyn Camerota report breaking news editorials on ground both internationally and locally. Some of the stories or editorials covered are the famous Paris and Brussels terror attacks. The horrible incident on South Carolina Church Shooting that claim several lives and the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, where many nightclub lovers lives were lost for no reason. She is also at the front runner of CNN’s coverage of the 2016 USA elections. She makes news and conducted interviews with Democratic and Republican nominees and many of their primaries and candidates inclusive. She also anchor the CNN’s morning show New Day.

Quick Facts About Alisyn Camerota

Bio: white American
Wiki: 21st June, 1966, Bellingham in Washington
Age: 53 years old. She will be 54 years by June this year.
Career: Journalist and an author
Net worth: $7.5 million
Boy Friend: Not Disclosed
Dating: Married
Husband: Tim Lewis
Parents: Not Disclosed
Kids: 3, two boys and a girl.
All body measurements: 34-25-36 inches while her bra size is 38B.
Cars: Not Disclosed
House: Westport, Connecticut, for $3 million

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