Alternative to knee replacement surgery

In knee osteoarthritis in most cases it is always very painful condition. For this reason most people prefer going for surgery to knee so as to treat their problem. Further in that suggestion one should know that there are various alternatives that one can take.

Below are some of the alternative treatments of the knee

Hyaluronic Acid injection

Hyaluronic acid or the HA is always available for the normal knee. A may experiencing some changes when one start becoming arthritic. Around the knee using HA injection in replacing the fluid helps a lot. In most of time the injection can be given in form of series that range from three to five based on the brand of the injection or can be given in single.

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Weight loss

When one focuses on weight loss it really helps a lot in reducing the pain that is caused by the condition. It slows down the progress of the disease.

Take supplements and oral NSAIDs

Consumption of supplements like glucosamine with chondroitin 1500 mg everyday can work better for the knee. Fish oil is considered to be the best for healthy joints because it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Oral NSAIDs can also be used to relieve the knee osteoarthritis.

Proper Exercises

When one does different exercise focusing on the knee it will help a lot with the condition. One does not need surgery so as to remove knee osteoarthritis. Some of the helpful exercise includes yoga, water aerobics and also floor exercise can help someone relieve the pain.

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Cortisone injections

The injection work in form of a strong Motrin or Eleve and helps reduce the pain when the process of inflammatory occurs. In most cases the injection is taken after three months.

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