Amanda Davies Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Parents

Amanda Davies has etched her place in the sports journalism industry. This Brit surely has a lot of talent in reporting the world’s biggest sports events. Here’s info on her net worth, bio, and much more!

Amanda Davies Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Amanda Davies is a British sports caster currently working for the Cable News Network (CNN). She was born on the 24th of March 1980 and is currently 40 years of age.

Amanda Davies Education Details

A young Davies received her prep education at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, Hertfordshire and King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham.

She attended St. Edmund Hall, Oxford and graduating with a Geography degree in 2001. During her time at this school, Davies won the Philip Geddes Memorial Prize for Journalism.

Amanda Davies Career Details

Davies’ career as a sportscaster kicked off right after graduation in 2001. She was a runner at Sky Sports before moving onto the role of assistant producer. In this role at Sky Sports, Davies will go on to cover events such as the Cricket World Cup & US Open.

She moved onto Sky Sports News and occupied several positions. She also covered the Germany 2006 World Cup and made occasional appearances on Sky Sports News before heading to Germany.

After Amanda spent the better part of six years with Sky, she joined the BBC in early 2007. She became the corporation’s sports programs on BBC One, BBC World News, and BBC News Channel.

Davies also got a primetime role as a show host on BBC’s Sports World Have Your Say. Afterwards, she held a role at Sports News, still on BBC Sports.

Amanda continued her work at the BBC until she was approached by CNN in early 2012. She joined the network that year and became an anchor for their main sport show World Sport. She also hosts The Circuit, a Formula 1 series on CNN.

Davies has been at the forefront of reporting major sporting events since joining CNN. She covered three Olympic games from 2012 – 2016. She also covered major football tournaments across the globe.

Apart from working as a sportscaster, Amanda finds out time to engage in charity work. She has been a supporting hand to numerous baby charities in England.

She’s also a patron of Queen’s Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital Milk Bank. Coincidentally, this hospital happens to be where her child was born more than a decade ago.

Amanda Davies Net Worth

Davies has an estimated net worth totaling around $1 million. Most of her worth comes from being a sportscaster and journalist for CNN.

She receives an annual largesse around $135,000 for her service to CNN’s sports team.

Amanda Davies Dating History

Amanda isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Amanda Davies Boyfriend

Davies doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s in a happy relationship with her husband, and there’s no sign of the relationship’s status changing any time soon.

Amanda Davies Husband

Amanda Davies is married to Sam Davies, an ESPN worker. The couple lives in England with their daughter.

Amanda Davies Parents

Amanda Davis is the daughter of popular sports administrator and journalist David Davies. Her father worked as a regular contributor on BBC and in the English FA.
Davies’ father also served as a UK football task force member, the British Olympic Association, and at FIFA. He’s also held several advisory and consultancy roles in the world of sport.

He’s also noted for numerous charity works through his career and currently holds an OBE and several academic positions and honors. There’s little word on Amanda Davies’ mother.

Amanda Davies Kids

Amanda Davies has only one child, Molly, who she gave birth to nine weeks pre-term. Molly is currently 11 and lives with Amanda in England.

Amanda Davies Body Measurements

There’s currently no word on Amanda Davies’ body measurements.

Amanda Davies Cars And House

Amanda Davies lives in London with Sam and Molly. But there’s really no concrete info on her personal property count.

It’s highly likely she’d have some decent properties as a result of her bulging net worth.

Davies has a flourishing career. When she’s not on duty, you’d likely find her supporting Manchester United.

Also, Amanda spends most of her leisure time with her daughter Molly in their residence.

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