Amber Guyger Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Murder Of Botham Jean

Amber Guyger was born August 9, 1998. She was born in Texas, United States. She was daughter to Karen Guyger. She studied in UTA. She is 32 years now. Currently Guyger is in the Mountain View in Gatesville a short distant from Waco. It is a prison that houses female offenders. She was jailed for murdering Botham Jean.

Amber Guyger Career Details

She is a Police officer. Though EX-Cop after having committed murder and sentenced to prison for millennium years.

Amber Guyger Net Worth

Amber owned a Pickup and an Apartment. Earning in terms of figures are not configured since she no longer engage in any income source from Police position.

Amber Guyger Career Details

She was a cop in Dallas Texas serving as police Department patrol officer. She was transferred from the custody of the Dallas County Sheriff`s Department to the Texas Department of criminal justice. She was accused and sentenced for 10years of killing a black United States police officer by name Botham Jean her neighbor. Botham jean who was a former student of journalism in University of Oklahoma, This was after she had served for nearly 5years and thus her validity time in her occupation was 5years before she had been imprisoned for 10 years and also being fired as a police officer. Her other occupations aren’t updated but only being a police officer up to 2018 from where she was fire a cop.

Amber Guyger Kids

No kid as she was not yet married this is due date as per 2019 detailed information regarding her life.

Amber Guyger Siblings

Alana Guyger was her sister. Other details aren’t available in websites due to privacy reasons.

Amber Guyger Parents

Karen Guyger is her mother who is 66-67 years old. She suffers from pulmonary fibrosis which is a lung disease. Her father was Guyger. Though due to privacy reasons the information’s concerning her parent’s occupations, full names and the confidential information’s are not disclosed.

Amber Guyger Dating History

As for her dating status the officer is in a relationship with her boyfriend who is not known by name but not yet married. The Boyfriend who dated with her his name is not disclosed to public domains.

Amber Guyger Career Details

Amber Guyger was a police officer who owns an apartment in Texas. She was convicted of murder for fatally shooting Botham Jean a black US police officer in Dallas Texas. This was done September 6, 2018 after she was off-duty after she entered apartment of Botham Jean. This was after having worked as a police for nearly 5 years.

The black US police officer Jean was unarmed in his home which Amber claim to have mistaken for her own.

A jury reached the unanimous verdict in the high-profile trial for the 2018 killing of 26-year-old Botham Jean after six days of witness testimony but just a handful of hours of deliberation.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, told investigators she arrived from work about 10 p.m. and mistakenly parked her pickup truck on fourth floor of the building instead of the third floor which corresponded to her apartment. This not only being a sign that she was not sober she proceeded to the room of her neighbor and as claim says she thought that Jean was an intruder and shot him dead on the spot. In tears she cried but all this matter was considered as she did it intentionally.

She did it she was in her administrative leave for few weeks. Her actions brought many protests across the city since she was free on bond. Her mother took the stand during the sentencing phase over the murder trial.

Currently she is no longer a police she was fired after the act. She was arrested September 23 2018. She is imprisoned and supposed to face up to 99years prison out of the act of manslaughter of Botham Jean. In May 2017, Guyger shot a suspect while attempting to identify a person. However, another person came out of his car and took her gun and saved the man.

She was the first Dallas police officer to be convicted of murder since 1973 murder of Santos Podriguez. On October 2, 2019, Amber Guyger the police officer was sentenced to 10years in prison after the jury deliberated for an hour.

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