American Rapper Omarion Bio, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Real Names, Dating History, Kids

The American rapper Omarion is most famous for being the frontman of 2000’s RnB boyband B2K. The group achieved stardom with hits like ‘bump, bump, bump’ and ‘Girlfriend’ however Omarion is more than just a pretty face, he writes his own lyrics, produces music as well as being an awesome dancer and an actor to add to the list.

Rapper Omarion Bio: Age, Real Names, Early Life

Omarion christened Omari Ishmael Grandberry was born on the 12th of November 1984 in Inglewood, California. He was born to loving parents Leslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry. Leslie a dancer and goddess of hair was only 16 when pregnant with Omari but the couple went on to have a further three children together before they split, and Trent went on to have another son and two daughters with another partner. Omari attended Hamilton High westside Los Angeles where his passion for the arts would really come to light. He took part in all the theatre the school ran as well as being a great athlete. Omarion’s love for all things physical would be the way he reached the stars.

Rapper Omarion Career Details

Either by fate or not, the women in Omari’s family had links to the entertainment industry since before he was even born. His grandma was Stevie Wonder’s hairstylist and went to school with Barry White. While his mother, also a stylist and part time dancer was the hair stylist to God’s property, a California gospel choir. This link would rub off on little Omari and at an early age Omari was cast into the limelight. At 3 years old he recalls having his very first dance recital as his mother Leslie would take him to dance class from the moment he could walk. He appeared in commercials for the likes of Kellogg’s and MacDonald’s also at an incredibly young age. It seemed Omari was destined to shine and in 1998 became frontman for RnB Boyband B2K.

The band had instant success with there first album flying straight to the top spot on the RnB and Hip-Hop album charts. The following album Pandemonium! Gave them their best single ever ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’ featuring hip hop legend Sean Combes aka Diddy. Unfortunately, that would be the last of B2k and they split soon after their success in 2004.

This would not stop young Omari’s dream of hitting the big time and he stayed on with the B2K Manager Chris Stokes and together the two paved the way for Omarion. Under Chris Stokes management Omarion has had 8 massively successful albums, 30 singles and 27 music videos. He has been nominated for a massive 17 awards for his music contributions and has won 5 of them. From the list on was a Grammy nomination for his hugely successful album O. The RnB legend did not stop there and has featured in seven films including the massive ‘You got served’ a dance comedy drama written by no other than Omarion’s manager Chris Stokes.

Rapper Omarion Dating History, Married, Kids

Omarion has had his fair share of issues in the relationship department and this unfortunately resulted in a break with him and long-time girlfriend and mother of his two children Apryl Jones. Apryl Jones then went on to have a relationship with Fizz, Omarion’s former band mate.

Even with all the drama, Apryl and Omarion have two beautiful children together- his son Mega Omari who is six this year and Daughter A’mei Kazuko who will turn 4. You can see from the media reports that Omarion and Apryl are doting parents that are willing to put problems aside for the good of their children.

Rapper Omarion Salary And Net worth

Having a career that spans nearly the same length of your life is impressive, but Omarion takes this all in his stride. The hit singer and dad of 2 is able to enjoy is well earned cash which is said to be sitting at a huge $15 million. Not bad for doing something that’s been in your blood since before you were born.

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