Ami Brown Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Her full name is Amora Lee Branson Brown. She is 57 years old since she was born in 1963. She was born in United States of America, Texas.

Ami Brown Parents

Ami has a father by the name, Eugene Branson. Her mother’s name was Earlene Branson. Her mother is deceased. She is an only child. The first born child in that family is Les Branson. She did not have a happy childhood since her family was full of violence, fights and conflicts. She went to live by herself when she was 15 years old.

Ami Brown Education Details

There is no record of the names of the school she attended. She left her parent’s home in Texas before she finished high school.

Ami Brown Dating History And Marriage Details

When she was 15 years old and she went on to live by herself, she met a handsome 26 year old man. His name is Billy Brown. Billy was born in a rich family. His father was a president of a car company. Unfortunately, Billy’s parents and sister passed away in a plane crash. He had to learn to survive on his own. He met Ami at her mother’s home. He was doing plumbing job to earn some cash. They could not wait to officialize their relationship. They exchanged their vows on 16th June 1979. This is her first marriage. For Billy, it is his second marriage. He has two children from his previous marriage with the ex-wife.

Ami Brown Kids

Ami and Billy have a total of seven children. They are Matthew, Joshua, Snowbird, Noah, Solomon Freedom, Raindrop and Gabriel Brown. All of them are in the cast of the family documentary. Matthew recently went to a rehabilitation centre to get help for his drinking.

Ami Brown Career Details

When they got married, the family’s source of income was a plumbing shop. Later, they decided to relocate to Alaska to look for greener pastures. At first, their lives did not improve. Despite all that, they continued working very hard. They gained enough resources to build a house and unfortunately her efforts were burnt to the ground. Billy decided to start writing. Some of the books he wrote were “One Wave At A Time” and “Teacher of the Old Code”. His writing was inspired by his entire family have experienced and their struggles. His books got the attention of several producers who created their family series “Alaskan Bush People”. This documentary increased their money and wealth. People get paid to appear on TV. This documentary is an indication that anyone can rise from grass to grace. We all go through struggles but we should have the courage to rise from above.

Also Ami is a writer. She is publishing her book very soon. It has the title “Put Something Wild on Your Plate”. It is a cooking manual.

Ami is a TV personality, for reality shows. She is featured in “Alaskan Bush People”. It is a documentary that has been airing in Discovery Channel for six years now. Also in the documentary, Ami’s husband, and their seven children are also part of the cast. So far, they have acted eight seasons already.

She took a break from the show after she was diagnosed with cancer. She found out she has cancer six years ago. It was lung cancer. She had to move to South Carolina to undergo chemotherapy. The treatment centre was UCLA medical centre. This treatment worked and she is healthy again. She has gone back to her shows.

Billy is not a perfect man. He was once under house arrest for producing false documents to claim dividend. Also he paid a fine and community service as part of the punishment. He had to pay $7,956 to pay back the dividends and a fine of $10,000.

Ami’s family is active on social media sites. They also have a family website. “Alaskan Wilderness Family” is the name of their website.

Ami Brown Net Worth

Ami’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million as at 2020. YouTube is her main source of income.

Ami Brown Body Measurements

Ami is 5 ft 6 inches tall. Her weight is 62 kilograms. Body size of Ami is 34 inches. Brown is the color of her eyes. Her bra size is 34 inches. Her skin is fair.

Ami Brown Cars And Houses

The family once owned a hauling business.

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