Ammika Harris Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Harris who hails from Atlanta Georgia, USA is of Blasian ethnicity (Common term that refers to a mixture of the Blacks and Asian culture) however, on her instagram page she indicates that she is a blasian with Cherokee blood (Cherokee refers to American lineage). She is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Ammika Harris Education Details

She studied in University of California.

Ammika Harris Bio: Age, Early Life

Ammika Harris is an American model and a social media sensation with over a million followers on Instagram. The 27 year old is famed for her relationship with the renowned musician Chris Brown.

The Taurus star shot to fame initially through her modeling career and later her engagement to Chris since 2015 has further fueled her fame.

Ammika Harris Kids

She has one kid, a son.

Ammika Harris Net Worth

Born in Thai land Ammika is worth $400,000 according to celebrity net worth, This spans from her career as a model and as a social media influencer, The low key model has kept her private life away from the media though her involvement with Chris Brown has always been in the limelight and the two have even been speculated to having a child together lately.

Ammika Harris Body Measurements

The bubbly personality stands at 165 centimeters which translates to 1.65mtrs or 5’5″ She weighs 55 kgs. Her eye color is dark brown and her hair is black in color. Ammika whose hip size measures 34 and a waist size of 25 makes her overall body measurements to be 33-25-34.

Ammika Harris Social Media Presence

Harris who is quite engaging with her fans on social media has revealed that her favorite food is still pizza while her favorite movie stars are Will Smith and Angeline Jolie. She adores the color red and her main hobby is photoshoot, she also holds black panther as a favorite movie. Her other hobbies include travelling and she reckons Switzerland as her favorite spot.

The model showcases her beauty on her social media handles especially on Instagram where she has a large fan base.

Ammika Harris Dating History And Marriage Details

Ammika who is a University of California Alumni shot to fame after her rumored on and off relationship with Brown whom they have a son together. Ammika has since confirmed that Brown was her long time crush and in a twist of events she is also a fan of Tran Karrueche who is Browns ex girlfriend and with whom they also had a long standind relationship, at some point when the two had relationship issues Ammika supported Tran on her stance regarding the issue.
When the rumours emerged of their relationship their fans could not help notice the physical resemblance between the two ladies and the two also have similar background history with both ladies having a mix of black and Asian heritage. This led to Brown fans associating his preference for ladies with the rich heritage.

Ammika Harris Personal Life

Ammika is a low key celebrity and for this reason little is known of her background except what she feeds her fans on the social media. Her father who is black while her mother is Thai appear to respect her private space as not much is known on her private life. The beauty queen proved this on the Paris incident where during a vacation with Brown he was accused of possessing narcotics and raping a woman who alleged that Brown and the lady were in a hotel room together where the incident allegedly took place. During this whole incident Ammika did not comment on the issue but continued with her life as if nothing had happened. However later on Ammika gave in to pressure and gave an account of her version on the Paris vacation on her instagram page.

Ammika who recently received a backlash from her fans during the covid-19 Pandemic when overseas flights had been banned and she was stuck in Germany with her son, the backlash from her fans arose as they felt she was exposing her son to danger, after being spotted in a car with her son outdoors an allegation that Ammika strongly refuted. During this time Chris expressed his distress for being separated from his son Aeko Brown.

Ammika Harris Career Details

Ammika has worked with several companies during her career such as pretty little thing, H&M and Fashion Nova among others also works as an influencer given her large following which has made it possible for her to accord her son the lavish lifestyle. The beauty queen is also famed for her perfect bikini body has been estranged from her then boyfriend Chris Brown as he and his fans now refer to her as the baby mama.

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