Anne Allison Death Rumors. Did Anne Allison Really Die? Know Her Net Worth

Anne Allison was the wife of Johnny Depp and a confident professional makeup artist and businesswomen. After the divorce with Johnny Depp, the actor vanished from the public, and speculation of her death started arising.

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Anne Allison Death Rumours

Lori Anne Allison death was a false rumor, and she was very much alive. She just wanted to stay away from social media as a personal choice.

She runs two major firms, Serendipity Lip Glosses, and D’Cups. Apart from that, she has constantly been trying to expand her business, even in her sixties.

Lori personally manages the arrangement supply for the A list of celebrity clients and also manages the two firms. Her worth is still not disclosed, but she got a settlement of $7 million after the divorce. She has also helped Johnny Depp in her acting career a lot and has supported him to improve significantly.

Johnny Depp used to a rock star in a band before becoming a famous actor. The bass artist had a sister, Lori Anne who grew fond of Johnny Depp’s talent and introduced him to Nicholas Cage, who brought him in the career of acting. She was five years older than him, but since love sees no age, they both got married on 20 December 1983. Two years later, the couple quits and divorced citing irreconcilable differences.

The ex-couple did maintain their friendship even after the divorce. Lori used to work as a makeup artist for the actor and also fought legal battles for him. On the other hand, Johnny Depp has met a lot of women in his life and dated may more.

Anne Allison Marriage And Divorce Details

After the divorce, Johnny Depp married Amber Heard, which was a total wreck. Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of verbal and physical abuse. These were some serious allegation on Johnny Depp, but her first wife came to defend him. His first wife Allison, defended Depp saying that he never showed this type of aggression ever.

Lori was born on 6 September 1957 in the United States of America. Exact details of the place where she was born are not publicly available. During her teenage years, she landed a job at a boutique which fueled her enthusiasm for fashion. Her friend Adam Ant helped her with them for a job in the TV community. Her talent and performance created a new doorway of success for her. She was always encouraged by her friends Adam Ant and Christina Applegate to follow her passion. She finally followed her dreams to become a record producer.


Lori Anne Allison is a makeup artist and was married to the famous actor Johnny Depp. They had known each other for a long time before Johnny Depp was an actor. There were rumors of her death when she left the social media account after her divorce. However, she is now living a happy and prosperous life. Lori and Johnny are still good friends as they were associated for a very long time.

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