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Archaeologist Kate Giles Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

From a young age she loved historical buildings and had a dream of studying them. She enrolled in the university where she had registered for history degree after some time she changed to a joint Honors program, this would help her take modules in Gothic buildings with professor Christopher Norton and Richard Marks, this decision made her get different interests with those of her classmates. She initially did not know of archaeological works but after going through the works of Jane Grenville and those of the university department.

After starting her new course she knew that is how she wanted to study buildings combining systematic survey with the historical research and interpretation. She has been the York minister archaeology research fellow for 12 years. She sits in different committees and gets invited to give talks, she also teaches undergraduate and post graduate. She has taken many different projects and she says that every time she gets engaged into a project they discover something unique and amazing the most recent discovery is the burials in South Transept. She says that engaging into new projects help interpret the old culture into today’s world. She now lives in a village in North York Shire and she is very involved in village life. She also has some projects out of her work place including fundraising for the church tower restoration and also organizing a local history weekend.

She also worked in Borthwick Institute for Archives where she undertook her MA and PhD. Her specialist research area is in medieval guildhalls, she says that she was attracted to hat field due to the lack of initial study she is also interested in the works of Antiquarians who studied these buildings in the 19th and 20th century. She enjoys building up the layers of a story to explore what she achieve tells about the use and meanings of buildings over time. In her works Merchant Adventures Hall York is her favorite building.

She is currently a senior lecturer in buildings Archaeology at the University of York. She is undergraduate admission tutor and is the first to interact with those who has newly enrolled in the university. She has a passion in educating the public on the value of arts and humanities.

Kate Giles Career Details

When pursuing her PHD, she focused on the interdisciplinary study of medieval and early modern communal buildings. She is also an author on the archaeological buildings among them is” Pickering Church: their discovery, restoration and meaning” published by Shaun Tyas.
She has various roles at the university including co-director, center for the study of Christianity and culture. Back in the year 2016 to 2018 she was the acting Associate Dean in the faculty of Arts and Humanities and also Acting Director Humanities Research Center, in the year 2014 to 2017 she was the chairlady of Board of Studies she is also a former Academic Coordinator, Arts and Humanities. She has been invited for talks on archeological buildings and interpretation in many universities including the US (NYU, Columbia), Denmark (Aarhus), Sweden (Uppsala), Ireland (Belfast) and in the year 2014 she gave a lecture at the Buildings and the Body conference (Southampton).

She has also worked in a project with her sister Dr Melanie Giles of the University of Manchester in the farm graffiti project. Her current projects include the following collaborations with Shakespeare’s Guildhall, Stratford-Upon-Avon, the Shakespeare’s Birth place Trust and Fairfax House, York.

She is currently supervising students both undergraduate and post graduate working in the following topics Chatsworth House Theater, community performances of mystery plays, digital storytelling, reading romance in the late medieval household among others. She is very much involved in university life for her love of sharing her experiences with the young generation. She works very closely with the owners of historical sites and buildings, among them is the Church of England.

Kate Giles Awards And Nominations

She received Honorary Associate Professorate from the Aarhus University in Denmark in this occasion she gave an inaugural lecture on public buildings and shaping urban landscapes.

She is available in social media where she answers people’s questions and also interacts with her students twitter @KateGileYork

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